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Sureerat Thongtomi, 35, was charged with stealing US$7,000, 600 euros and Bt6,000 in cash from old man Giambattista Vivaldi, 79. The Italian man filed a complaint with the Pattaya police station on February 21 that his cash had disappeared after he slept with a Thai slut bag at the Royal Hill Hotel. Police checked footage of the hotel’s security cameras and traced Sureerat to her Nonthaburi home.
The cock whore admitted she stole the old fucking mans money, said police. She claimed that he hired her to fuck and could not get a boner which pissed her off. Then the old Italian man had not given her any financial assets. When he gave a large sum of money to another woman e used viagra on and had anal sex and also bought her a car, Sureerat said she stole the money because she wanted to get fucked.

August 24th, 2021

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