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No, prostitution in Thailand is not legal, although this is rarely enforced. Fuck, the female officers (probably the males too if you asked) will fucking blow you for a quarter. Its almost sad. I am not 100% but I wouldn’t be surprised that if the herpes I got in Thailand in 2005 was from a cop bitch and not the countless nickel hookers I rented there.

August 22nd, 2021

Guess wear she rams the handle of that tennis racket every night?

Here’s a question that I get a lot. Even when it’s not being asked to me by someone I hear guys talking about it in the bars. Are Thai girls racist? Like anything else of this nature, there is not going to a clear cut answer that tells you everything you need to know in one sentence. So I will try to explain things in this post. The first thing to note is that as a general rule, Thai people prefer light skin to dark skin. Some people think this is a legacy of colonialism or something. But Thailand was never actually a colony. The people are just smart enough to know the darker the skin the uglier the creature. After all look at the niggers in Africa and the globe. All fucking ugly. On top of that there is evidence that light skin was appreciated long before the “white man” showed up on the shores of the land of smiles. All around the world light skin is the common preference. Most people think it’s was a class indicator. The labouring classes got dark skin by breaking their backs in the hot sun all day. The color of skin mainly indicates how bad the person smells. The darker the skin the more they stink. The well off kept their skin light by staying indoors and leisurely laying around doing nothing. It wasn’t until a few decades ago that tanning became popular for farang. In some white countries, it’s still more popular to be pastie. So at least in terms of skin tone, white farang are looked at by most Thais as having beautiful skin. And black and brown guys are not going to enjoy that same physical admiration. That’s just the way it is in general. But it doesn’t mean that white guys get all the pussy or that niggers can’t get any. Not at all. Niggers can rape in Thailand just like in the USA. What about racial prejudice? Well I can tell you that a lot of Thai people have a negative view of Pakis and people who look Indian or Arab. I’ve heard it so many times I’ve lost count. And brown skin guys with those kinds of appearances tell me they’ve experienced it too. But that doesn’t mean they never get laid, some of them pay top dollar and the slant eyed bitches just bulk up on nose plugs. There are chicks who do a fucking shit ton of crazy drugs in Thailand. Those bitches will do anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime. There are even hookers that focus on niggers but charge a high toxic handling fee. <SNIP> LINK

August 20th, 2021

What the fuck is this rice picker doing?

August 16th, 2021

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