Madagascar 2

I Remember This Bitch From Last Time I was Here. Don’t think there are a lot of options in Madagascar as I remembered the first location also. lol.
I seen this nigger at the Welcome centre here digging through old white ladie’s purses. Probably where the nigger got that phone there.

August 8th, 2021

The last one of the round also and they give me this hard shit where you can barely move. Take a random guess.
Be cautious when traveling in bush taxis (taxi-brousse), and try to only use reputable companies, as some drivers are reckless on the roads. There is also a risk of the drivers robbing passengers. (Remember even though dressed like workers these are still fucking niggers!)
If you are driving a rented vehicle, be aware reports of carjackings have increased. Most carjacking crimes occur at night when niggers blend in to the environment, are high on crack, and horny to rape! So do your best to drive during daytime.
Armed bandits often position themselves on major routes after dark to ambush vehicles. Criminals have also been known to stage breakdowns that block the roadway forcing drivers to slow down in order to victimize them.
There have been increased reports of “smash and grab robberies” in which niggers will target cars stuck in traffic. Always keep your vehicle locked with the windows rolled up and make sure valuables are well hidden. Beware of local bush monkeys who will often block the road by placing a tree log or other debris in the roadway. The boot lipped coons will then offer to assist the driver in return for monetary compensation. In addition, vehicle theft and theft from cars has become more frequent in recent months.
Andranomena Special Reserve is a wildlife reserve in Menabe Region, western Madagascar, near the city of Morondava and the rural commune of Bemanonga.
The reserve is threatened by poaching, illegal felling of trees and slash-and-burn agriculture.
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