Demi Is Back and Looser

After starring as a contestant on very openly pack me in the ass gay Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, Demi Burnett soon became a fan favorite in the franchise for her slutty personality, her love of Dick and Muff, and her openness about hard core anything goes orgies. During her first stint on Bachelor in Paradise season six, Demi left the show engaged to then carpet munching girlfriend turned dildo dyke sister, Kristian. But since BiP couples rarely last, (because they are fucking sluts) Demi and Kristian called it quits and went their separate ways because long distance was too hard for them. So what’s Demi been up to in between her previous BiP run and her upcoming one? Before going for a second run in paradise, Demi was in a whole relationship with Jim From Progressive in 2020. “I’m so happy,” Demi told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m obsessed with his long skinny pencil dick and jelly bean sized testicles dangling. He’s the best rim job giver ever. I feel like such a dirty fucking slut, but his jelly bean tic tac nuts are the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t get enough of it.” Sadly, Demi and Jim ended their relationship in June, when Jim got sent to prison for jerking off at Kmart for the 1000th time.

Demi is the BEST!

This year, Demi hopped back into either reality television circuit or hard core pornography—she appeared on a joke of The Celebrity Dating Game last month, where the premise of the show consists of a celeb choosing who to date from a panel of three other celebs based on their answers to a few questions…It was fucking stupid.

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