Bangladesh 4

Bangladesh and Thailand are turning out to be the new Ukraine. fuck.

August 16th, 2021

One of the most notorious serial killers in Bangladeshi history was hanged in 2004, and his body was handed over to his family. Ershad Sikder was an influential political figure in the south-western city of Khulna before his arrest five years prior on a murder case. He was also accused in more than 30 other criminal cases mostly for killing political or business rivals. Ershad Sikder’s rise from poor labourer to rich man in Khulna symbolises the dreadful state of Bangladeshi politics. According to the court records, he amassed thousands of dollars by criminal muscle power, and then used that money to buy political influence. Residents of Khulna say his lavishly decorated home in the city and his business establishments were frequented by the leaders of all major political parties. A witness to the murder told the BBC that he beat Khalid Hossain mercilessly, and at one point jumped on his chest, breaking all his bones. His bodyguard also testified that Sikder was responsible for more than 20 other murders. Ershad Sikder was convicted by the trial court in six other murder cases and his appeals against the verdicts were pending before the higher court. The Bangladeshi president refused to entertain his mercy petition in the Khalid murder case, clearing the way for his hanging. LINK

August 10th, 2021

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