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Jews are behind the pandemic,” chant crowd at Polish anti-vaccine protest

At yesterday’s event, a man leading chanting through a megaphone asked the crowd: “We know who is behind this whole ‘plandemic’ and who rules the world, right?” In response, someone shouted “Jews”, and the man replied, “Of course it’s the Jews”. The crowd then chanted together: “Every Pole can see today that behind the ‘plandemic’ are the Jews” (Dzisiaj każdy Polak widzi, że za plandemią stoją Żydzi).


May 9th, 2021

Polish Soccer Players DO Not Kneel For Nigger Whine.

POLAND ROCKS! Polish football players refuse to kneel for Black Lives Matter at World Cup qualifier in London- Rather than taking a knee to Far-Left/Communist Identity politics, the Polish footballers pointed to a “respect” label on their jerseys. In Britain’s Premier League, kneeling to Black Lives Matter (BLM) before a match is a widespread practice. Players say it is meant to express their opposition to racism and show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, which claims to be an anti-racist organization, but which has been accused of fomenting division and being responsible for mass riots and murders following the death of George Floyd during his arrest. Prior to the Poland-England 2022 World Cup qualifier at Wembley Stadium in London, the Polish web was abuzz with speculation about whether the Polish national team would kneel in support of BLM. In the end, the Polish players did not give into pressure and refused to kneel, according to Polish news outlet Dorzeczy. Instead, just like Czech players during their match with Wales, they pointed to a “respect” label on the left sleeve of their jersey. The decision of the Polish players caused a storm on social media, yet the majority of comments positively evaluated the gesture. <SNIP> LINK

May 5th, 2021

May 3rd, 2021

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