Lesotho 4

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After months of investigations and surveillance, a crack SAPS tracking team managed to arrest a fugitive from justice from Lesotho who escaped from prison while awaiting trial on two counts of murder. During January 2012, a 13 year old youth disappeared in the district of Berea in Lesotho. The villagers found limbs, a torso and a head which were positively identified as that of the missing lad. No arrests were made. In July 2012 another person went missing from the same village. On 12 July 2012, police responded to a tip-off and at the house discovered a Corsa bakkie in which two human arms, a leg, penis and testicles were found. These belonged to the second missing person, Kamohelo Mohata, 22 years of age. The suspect, 27 year old Makhele Lehlohonolo Joseph Scott, voluntarily pointed out a hacksaw and a box inside the house, placed over a huge bloodstain on the floor, and confessed to the murders. He also confessed to having cooked and eaten some of the body parts. He further pointed out a shallow grave where a torso and thigh were found. On 13 July 2012, Scott took the police to a primary school where he pointed out a human head, two feet, lungs, heart and intestines in one of the toilet pits. Scott was arrested and charged and the matter was set before the High Court but he managed to escape from Maseru Central Prison on 13 October 2012. LINK

Hlotse (also Leribe) is an important market town in Lesotho. The population in 2016 was 38,558.
Violent and petty nigger crime is common in Lesotho. Gun-related crimes and break-ins have targeted travellers. Security risks increase at night and on weekends. Avoid walking alone or at night. If you’re a victim of violent nigger crime, especially rape, seek immediate mental medical help as it is your own fucking fault for being stupid enough to roam around violent niggers..
Although the actual number of murders is much higher in South Africa, the homicide rate in the tiny neighboring country of Lesotho is the worst on the continent. Lesotho’s capital, Maseru, is a hotspot for murder.

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