Botswana 4

After moving around for a long fucking time on my last turn of the round never see a sign and I just randomly hit. This country is hard I will get a fucking gold eventually on it.
Generally considered the gateway to the Makgadikgadi Pans. Gweta derived its name from the sound of croaking bullfrogs which bury themselves in the sand until the rainy season arrives and they emerge to mate.
Makopong is a village in Kgalagadi District of Botswana. It is located close to the border with South Africa. The population was 1,697 in the 2011 census.
Because the country is so dry, the ground is too arid to support anything agricultural apart from cattle. But the country is full of niggers so they wouldn’t be able to grow shit even if they could.
Botswana is home to the densest elephant population in the world. The best place to spot them is at Chobe National Park, where they come to the Chobe River Front to play, drink and swim.
Botswana was a former British protectorate known as Bechuanaland.
You will not only see cars on the roads in Botswana; also watch out for elephants crossing the main roads.
The population of Botswana is just over 2 million inhabitants and has a land surface of 581.730 km2 (or 224.620 mi), giving the country a population density of only around 4 people/km2.
Botswana is the world’s second largest producer of diamonds. In fact, the country produced 40 million carats of diamonds in 2016.
Gaborone is the capital city of Botswana. Gaborone, or ‘Gabs’ as local residents mostly call it, became the capital city after Botswana gained independence. The city was named after some nigger called Chief Kgosi Gaborone.
AIDS is a very serious problem among niggers in Gaborone. 17,773 Gaborone shit skins, 17.1% of the total population of Gaborone, have tested positive for HIV. There is a higher prevalence of HIV among women; 20.5% of nigger wenches have tested positive compared to 13.6% of bucks. The population between 45 and 49 years of age are most likely to have AIDS with 35.4% of the residents in that age group testing positive.

Modise Mokwadi Fly is a Botswana politician and activist who was convicted and sentenced to death in 2008 of murdering his two-year-old son. Fly was the general secretary of the Botswana Congress Party Youth League. On 27 November 2006, Fly killed his son Tawana Mosinyi with an axe while the boy was sleeping. He claimed that he had killed the boy accidentally, while throwing an axe at police outside his window. Fly contended that the police had shot at him. Fly was convicted of murder by the High Court in Francistown on 17 October 2008. On 21 October, Justice Thomas Masuku sentenced Fly to death by hanging and recommended that Fly appeal to the Court of Appeal of Botswana. <SNIP> LINK

Mopane worms are a delicacy in Botswana. Bon Appetit! I bet this is one of the facts about Botswana you didn’t want to know about, but this is a country full of niggers so what did you expect?
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