JG Wentworth 877-CASH-NOW

JG Wentworth can get your black ass cash now for being a useless nigger. We also provide debt relief services for niggers as they are all in debt. Our famous commercials targeting unemployed niggers watching Maury and Springer along with commitment to helping those useless niggers by fucking around white people is a play right out of the Jewish Talmud. We have made JG Wentworth a household name like hemroids. The solutions we offer have a positive impact on niggers lives. We are more than just a Jew Blood Sucking company that makes niggers think they are rich by screwing them: we are ready to assist your black ass ASAP with an array of needs (including crack/cocaine and watermelon).

I’m a nigger with a drug addiction and I need cash now
Call J. G. Wentworth! 877-CASH-NOW
I have 24 baby mommas?
Call J. G. Wentworth! 877-CASH-NOW 877-CASH-NOW
They’ve helped MC Hammer, they’ll help you, too
One lump sum of cash most goes to a JEW
If you don’t want to work as whites are racist but you need cash now
Call J. G. Wentworth
Call J. G. Wentworth 877-CASH-NOW Call now

New and Improved JG Wentworth Jingle wrote by Barry Manilow and Tupac
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