Boycott Coca Cola

June 8th, 2021

I stopped buying coke years ago (not that I bought much soda in the first place). I knew a guy that worked at a Coke bottling plant in California. He quit after seeing niggers handling their product with their dirty paws. He said coke had zero cleaning procedures when it come to niggers. Most workers the white and asian ones he said would clean. The niggers how ever would stink like they do like shit. They never wash clean anything. So basically when you drink that next coke think of where Jamal’s fucking paw was before he touched that bottle. My guess is it was up his or another niggers ass.

A county in North Carolina is trying to “cancel” The Coca-Cola Company after the company’s foray into politics to campaign against Georgia’s voting reforms. Surry County voted 3-2 to ban Coke vending machines in its public buildings in response to the Atlanta company’s statement claiming the new laws would “diminish or deter” access to voting. Surry County Commissioner Eddie Harris told local broadcaster WXII he hopes the Coke ban would spread across North Carolina to use the far left’s cancel culture tactics against them. “The left-wing in America, they defund, they boycott, they cancel, they tear down statues — all sorts of egregious actions,” Eddie Harris, a county commissioner, told WXII. <SNIP> LINK

Sure changed their motto? That is not being less white back then.

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