Maine 6

90% of the country’s lobster supply comes from Maine.
Maine is the single largest producer of blueberries in the United States
Donut holes were invented in Maine

May 26th, 2021

Portland is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Maine and the seat of Cumberland County. Portland’s population was 66,215 as of 2019.
Around 5,000 Somalis were placed in Portland by Jews to destroy it more. According to the Immigrant Resource Center, there were approximately 7,500 stinky violent pavement apes from East Africa in Androscoggin County where Lewiston is located, including individuals from Somalia. Somalis have opened up community centers to cater to their community not become American, and figure out better ways to spend white peoples money like on chicken.
Homelessness is spiking in Portland amid the economic effects of Joe Biden’s Team and a massive amount of niggers costing too much money, city officials said. 
That war vet on the street enjoys some semi warm payment. His retirement fund went to a HIV infected nigger family from Somali who doesn’t feel like working as it is not their religion. Joe Biden says we must respect them being free loaders and committing crime or else we are racist.
Fudge Pack on the streets. Pete Buttplug would be fucking proud of you Anal Assassins!
With all the homeless one could of almost thought this was fucking Oregon.

May 5th, 2021

 Lewiston Police have arrested a nigger who they say tried to abduct a child in the middle of the night last month. Investigators say on Nov. 19, Kevin Nowell, 38, of Dorchester, Mass., broke into an apartment at 3 a.m. on Wood Street in Lewiston and tried, but failed, to kidnap the 7-year-old child. The child was not injured. Investigators say the family who lived inside the apartment did not know the nigger Nowell. Police arrested him on Dec. 4 after obtaining a warrant earlier that day. Nowell is charged with burglary, attempted kidnapping and unlawful sexual contact with a minor, among other charges. LINK

April 29th, 2021

LEWISTON, Maine — A Lewiston fat fuck Islamic negro has been arrested in connection with a shooting just after 2:30 p.m. Monday near Poirer’s Market on Walnut Street. Lewiston police searched for a vehicle that reportedly left the scene when police arrived. The car was then abandoned. Police said they had no evidence that anyone was injured in the shooting and have no motive.  On Tuesday, Nasir White, 21, of Lewiston, was arrested in connection with the incident and charged with reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon (Class C). White was taken to the Androscoggin County Jail. Nasir has been known to the cops from rumors of him stealing soiled diapers from the hospital a few months back LINK

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