Puerto Rico 2

When the Spanish brought slaves over to Hispaniola, they made a city on what is now the coast of Puerto Rico. The slaves had to use pick axes all day until they had went all the way down the side of the now coast. They had hit the ground so much that an earthquake occurred and broke what is now “Puerto Rico” off of the Dominican Republic, thus confirming the theory that Puerto Ricans are niggers indeed with shittier taste in music and pretty much everything else. Unlike the taco-eating wetbacks, most of the natives of this island don’t live in complete poverty. Basically, they are just smelly high yellow rednecks with lots of body hair.

Today, Puerto Rico is officially known as THE narco-state. Puerto Rico, or in English “Rich Port,” is basically a port, or an intermediary between Latin America and the Caribbean, and the United States. Over 105% of the drugs consumed in the United States pass through Puerto Rico. As a result of this, Puerto Rico is today one of the wealthiest nations, where a family living in a public residential has four 60′ plasmas, fifteen BMWs for their fifteen kids, and other products you don’t expect from someone who doesn’t work. The Puertoricans that are educated and professionals (a few, since education here is just as bad as in the U.S.) use their skill on… drug trafficking, or cheating the system. Doctors are frequently arrested for stealing millions of dollars from Medicare, and using their money to finance drug businesses. Accountants are frequently arrested for aiding tax evasion, taking bribes, and financing drug businesses. Politicians are frequently arrested for stealing money from the federal government and financing drug businesses. Policemen are frequently arrested for protecting drug traffickers, and for stealing drugs from a cartel to sell them to another cartel. Federal agents are frequently arrested for aiding the passage of drugs to the United States and giving advice to drug cartels. Even musicians, artists, architects, engineers, and so on work on cheating the system and making money off drugs.-ED

If the United States were to stop consuming drugs tomorrow, the economy of Puerto Rico would fall apart and become the second Haiti.

May 13th, 2021

April 12th, 2021

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