Vietnam 2

This b1tch Binh came to our wedding as a plus 1. My husband nor me even knew her but she made sure to become “friends” with my husband. She slept with my husband for months while I was pregnant and sick for 90% of my pregnancy and continued to until my child was 5months old. She talks about how God is a big influence in her life but this chick doesn’t have a godly bone in her body. She was willing to do all types of sexual things including several sex toys and “becoming a lesbian”. She watched us take our vowels and proceeded to help my husband break them! Her ultimate goal is to move to America and become a porn slut. Its women like this that disgust. Jokes on her my husband gave her herpes.

April 15th, 2021

Bichjade only goes for men who are married or in a relationship. My boyfriend was her employee, they would meet up in random locations for sex while working. She took complete advantage of him since she was his boss. He admitted to me everything that happened , and I have forgiven him since. But this is her M.O. She is also known to sleep with her clients husbands. Just flat out nasty slut. This bitch also has ties to Australia and is known to frequent down the Cairns area to satisfy her coochie once in awhile.

March 3rd, 2021

This buttsloot Chau takes the cake she is da biggest scum of the earth the lowest of the low. She has no problem being a side b1tch knows when the dude shes fuking has a woman, lady, wife or whatever n has no problem fuking up a relationship shes a proud homewreaker..This short dwarf looking cvm guzzling dirtbag b1tch is so unloyal she did her own so called best friend dirty i know cuz shes real close to me and i seen first hand the hurt she felt that b1tch will do her own friends dirty her own family as well.She is all strung out on meth and stuck putting syringes in her veins where ever she can hit da vein.This b1tch uses her big boobs to her advantage but da rest of her body is so disproportioned she looks funny. HO!!

March 2nd, 2021

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