Elmo Is Getting Fucked!!!!!

A Michigan bearded gay home inspector did more than evaluate a property he visited — he was also caught on camera jerking off to and eventually tearing a hole in an elmo doll, sticking his dick in it, and fucking it! This is with an Elmo doll found in the residence’s nursery in Oxford township, which is a suburb of Detroit. Kevin Wayne VanLuven, 59, was arrested and charged with several misdemeanor charges of aggravated indecent exposure and malicious fucking a god damn childrens Elmo stuffed toy that cost just under $200. The owners told police that they let VanLuven and the buyer’s real estate agent into the house on March 12 before leaving the property. However, not long after they left, they realized something was wrong when a member of the owner’s family received a notification that a webcam had detected motion in the nursery. When the woman opened the camera feed, she saw VanLuven touching himself. It is unkonwn if the woman watching masterbated herself while watching it. He then picked up an Elmo doll in the room and “appeared to be just giving it to the doll, just fucking riding the red little guy like a wild stallion” police say. The owners eventually called 911 and sheriffs went out to see if Elmo wanted to go for round 2 with the boys in blue. However, Elmo’s asshole was torn to shreds with cum covered cotton stuffing all over the place. Eventually the officers pointed out that there was a camera in the room, at which point he backtracked and basically said Elmo took advantage of his vulnerability. He was immediately arrested and booked into Oakland County jail, where he is being held in lieu of $2500 bond. In addition to ordering VanLuven to undergo the evaluation, he’s also been barred from being alone in any home that he does not own and from having any contact with the owners of the property where the inappropriate act took place. If he’s convicted, he faces up to three years in jail on the indecent exposure charge. LINK

It Shows Him Face Fucking Poor Elmo?????????

While by his actions you can tell he is a Biden Boy.(all sex offenders are liberal or all liberals are sex offenders one of those)
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