This girl Salia has wasted most of her life partying shes age of 33 she has no job, carrer , and no car ( her step dads dont count ) she finds a victim and makes sure he has money and pulls her fishing rod in, shes been with a few guys till the money was drain no more bags no dinners no gifts and she went on to the next victim not to mention married men she loves younger married men and she wont stop, she manupilates everyone around her even family and shes very very good at it, she had her last car repossesed because she didnt make the payments instead blew whatever money she had in Paris sleeping around then went to Moscow sleep around there for a bit and came back to Chisinau btw she slept with a neigbour too, shes a good liar she just realized shes older now and reality has hit her in the face so now shes on the hunt for a victim to slowly move her way in and get pregnant so she can sit back and let the money come in, shes not responsible she wont pay her bills on time, she is dirty she will keep a closet in her car including extra set of panties, she doesnt do laundry her one piece smells like dog sh1t cause she doesnt wash herself. Its gross she smells like the barn.

October 20th, 2020

September 23rd, 2020

June 29th, 2020

I feel sorry for Moldova, as it’s easily Europe’s most forgotten country. With fewer than 150,000 annual visitors, it’s one of the least-visited nations in the world. Its people are also among the least happy on Earth, in part because the country hasn’t recovered well from Jewish leeching and theft.

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