Taiwan 6

Janie is an RN and high functioning drug user of anything she can get her hands on in Taipei. Janie is someone to stay as far away from as possible. She also is set out on finding someone with money, she’s a gold digger to the extreme. Janie, don’t think that you have any power in this world. There you go you idiot b1tch, here’s some reckoning. Zhēnnī (Janie) shì yī míng zhùcè hùshì, bìngqiě shì zài táiběi kěyǐ cóngshì rènhé gōngzuò de gāojí xīdú zhě. Zhēnnī (Janie) shì yīgè jǐn kěnéng yuǎnlí de rén. Tā hái zhuóshǒu xúnzhǎo yǒu qián rén, tā shì jíduān dì táojīn zhě. Zhēnnī, bùyào yǐwéi nǐ zài zhège shìjiè shàng méiyǒu rènhé lìliàng. Chǔnhuò b1tch, nín qùle, zhè li yǒu yīxiē gūsuàn.????????

May 2nd, 2021

April 23rd, 2021

Lauren is a fucking cock loving cheater. She cheated on her boyfriend when she met my now EX while bartending in Taipei, broke up with her boyfriend then continued talking/seeing my Ex for over a year without any of my knowledge. She now has a new boyfriend who knows nothing of her actions. She has threatened me via text if I chose to expose her behavior. Beware of this girl. She will ruin your life and has no shame hitting everyone in her path. She is always hanging around on the streets and the bitch is almost 30. Usually intoxicated on something or other and always on the prowl for men for her fix of cock and drugs. Her ultimate goal is to be the biggest whore ever known. I heard it out of her mouth. Some want to be great in lots of things she is flat out PROUD to be known as a fucking SLUT. Sick and pathetic.

I went to college with Ky-yoo and she had sex with a multiple foreign exchange students and dated them. She also fucks every tourist she can , the guys would talk about how stinky her slanted rice pu55y was and how they would use her just for sex ….fishy pussy might be a good sign of an DRD, she’s gained about 30 pounds in her fucking chest since she went to America on a vacation where she did lots of anal I am told. Oh and She lies to everyone …..anyways watch out for this ZIPPERED B1TCHFACE !!

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