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 Kamloops RCMP say they have now located a dipshit goof with ink all over his fucking face who had several outstanding warrants for his arrest last week. In a release this morning (Nov. 2), police say Kevin “Poopie Pants” James Beattie has now been arrested. On Friday (Oct. 30), the Combine Faggot Searching Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) and the Kamloops RCMP found Beattie looking at gay porn during a vehicle stop on 8th Street. During a search of his vehicle, police found a sawed off shotgun, a scope, several rounds of shotgun ammunition, and a digital scale with drug residue on it, along with mountains of gay man on man porno. He was arrested without lubrecation, and the investigation is ongoing. LINKWhat kind of an idiot especially one who wants to commit crimes, gets stupid distinguishable markings on YOUR FACE. Kevin Poopie is so stupid for that he probably hangs out with niggers. He seems like the type of fucking loser who thinks it is cool to be a nigger failure.

He was fucking around back in 2017 doing niggerish things.

April 30th, 2021

April 27th, 2021

April 26th, 2021

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