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A Czech woman wanted in the Czech Republic for fraud and embezzlement was arrested in Pilsen, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) reported Wednesday. BI Commissioner Adolph J said 28-year old Eva, who has a nice set of tits was added to the Interpol’s (International Police) tittie alert list of wanted fugitives for her crimes, was arrested on October 15 at her luxurious house in Pilsen by members of the bureau’s fugitive search unit (FSU). “She will be deported to France for being undesirable and undocumented as her embassy confirmed that she does not hold a valid passport or travel document,” Adolph J said. Eva then proceeded to blow all the members of the committee and took it anally from all of them in hopes to stay. They all blew their goo on her and kicked the bitch out of Czechia. She fears now she could get raped by a nigger or muslim because at least in Czech it is safe with only pure white people. Not so in France. The Czech Committee told her to fuck off again.

April 26th, 2021

2021 Czech Extraliga Standings

Ironically the Top placed team is right above this and the bottom placed team is right below it.
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