Maine 5

Once I seen the title I knew it wasn’t a nigger for two reasons. Not many niggers in Maine, but the biggest reason a nigger is too stupid and lazy to use a chainsaw. Police: Maine man armed with chainsaw robbed fast-food restaurant -WESTBROOK, Maine — A Maine man has been charged with robbing a fast-food restaurant while wielding a chainsaw. Police were called Tuesday afternoon after receiving reports of someone with a chainsaw inside a McDonald’s in Westbrook. The dude went behind the counter while revving the chainsaw like a mad man and took some food and a drink, police said. Alice Sweet, 26, of Portland, was captured by Westbrook cops after running, according to Police Capt. Steve Goldberg. Sweet allegedly used the chainsaw to damage two cars in the parking lot also LOL??, police said, but there were no injuries. Sweet was taken to a Portland hospital for evaluation, It was unclear Wednesday if he had an attorney(If he was a nigger some Jew would defend him). LINK

March 25th, 2021

Steer clear of this pathological liar Janice…. she will do anything for attention and has even lied to local news in order to get it. She floozies herself to support her drug habit and is a total freak on top of being an obsessive psycho. This dirt bag brags that floozies “save marriages” and had the nerve to try to go after my now ex husband when she is TWENTY years older than he is. That didn’t save our marriage. She will carry on and on about what a good person she is and everything she does for everyone but don’t fall for it. You will regret it. She constantly reeks of vaginal mold every where she goes. It is like a mist trail foul stench that follows the bitch around. She clears rooms!!!!!

March 1st, 2021

January 18th, 2021

Aww too bad Maine isn’t chalk full of all the good things Niggers bring. Oh well we will be first in safety and lowest crime but sadly we are called racist. Niggers do not have anything to do with crime. Could it be that their crime is so low because there are no niggers? Wow really fucking hard to figure out. ???

January 13th, 2021

January 6th, 2021

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