Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City police fatally shoot 22-year-old armed robbery suspect 20 times in the back as he was running away. (20 times is bad). A 22-year-old man suspected of armed robbery at a Salt Lake City strip club was fatally shot by cops last month while he was running away from officers who fired at least 20 rounds at him, body camera footage released on Friday shows. Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal, 22, was shot and killed May 23 after police who were responding to a call of a gun threat chased him when he ran from a motel.  Officers said a weapon was found near him after he was shot. The two officers who fired their weapons have been put on administrative leave, which is standard practice for a police shooting unless you shoot a guilty shit skin useless drug addicted criminal nigger, then people cry.  The case is still under investigation. LINK. The problem for the Jewish media here is although it fits their narrative about a cop shooting he just isn’t black enough to make it a story. It is a shame that the cops shot him and the cops are in the wrong. But he still is not BLACK enough for the jews to get liberals to say shit. If this guy was leaving a gay strip club maybe just maybe they could push the fag hate. But a straight guy, only semi brown and doesn’t look thug enough. Jews don’t care. Either do the Nigger Life Matter Puppets. The cops could of shot him 200 times the Jews at CNN would rather put international attention on a story about black face hurting a niggers feelings 30 years ago. It is more relevant and important to them.

February 24th, 2021

December 20th, 2020

Salt Lake City police arrested a woman accused of trying to steal a tip jar and kicking an employee in the groin. Police, writing in a probable cause statement, said the woman, 29, took a tip jar with money in it from a Salt Lake City business to move away from niggers that moved into her neighborhood and were raping women and getting away with it. Wednesday afternoon. The operator of the business confronted her, and the woman kicked that person in the balls, police said. Police found the woman a short distance from the business, where witnesses had followed her. According to the probable cause statement, the woman appeared to be trying to put cash in her pockets. Police brought the woman back to the business, where the victim identified her as the robber. Two officers arrested and handcuffed the woman, who kicked the officers in the legs and yelled at them to arrest fucking niggers instead as they put her in the patrol car.

July 2nd, 2020

This girl Amy of West Jordan, Utah will be your friend to your face and trying to get in your mans pants behind it. She is a recovering drug addict who looks for attention where ever she can get it. She claims to be clean and sober but she is still sucking old man dick at bars for cash. Either she is back on the smack or she loves the old man wrinkly balls in her fucking meth mouth!. My friend is having a baby with her boy friend where she has caused multiple problems with in the past and as they try to work through there relationship she is always trying to get a hold of him and hook up. She has no respect for any one else or herself. She will sleep with any one no matter their circumstances. Watch out for her she is a master manipulator. To boot she needs to learn how to douche her fucking box. You come with in a few feet of this bitch and all you smell is rank period blood. Its fucking gross!

Haley after she wiped Markus’s Bum after he made a big boy poop

This cheerleader hoe named Haley  is nothing but a scheming slOOt! She works for various hospitals helping children with downs syndrom and ripping them off. That there pictured with her is Markus he is a Level 10 mental retard. Haley rips off his medical benifits and food stamps when he is in the bathroom taking big boy poops. Watch out for this two faced sars ridden slore who fucks anything (but Markus) that moves ! She is a chronic drunken glue sniffer who is now also escorting for Mormon youth churches!! Don’t let your kids near her! Or your husbands ! She is a bimbo who sucks a mean cock.

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