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Two hot Belgian Lesbians were arrested after allegedly damaging property at an Antwerp Hotel while fighting inside the downtown hotel. They were visiting guests inside a college party shortly before 3 a.m. Monday when they began arguing with a bunch of stinky muslim middle aged men trying to gain access inside a room, according to a Belgian police officer. The pair began kicking and swinging weapons at the arab and african men, fighting off their gross taunts in the hallway of the 24th floor and took pictures off the wall, throwing and breaking them in fear of their safety. Police arrested the women outside on the streets, police said. The hotel guests allegedly identified them as the ones who damaged the hallway and yelled at the staff to make it a white only hotel. A police source said the fight happened inside Hotel and they must of been racist and supporting white supremacy as all the guests in the party were white, obeyed the law, showered, and paid their bills. They should of included the browns and blacks its racist not to. Two women, Hanna and Bree ages 24 and 25, were each charged with a misdemeanor count of criminal damage to property under $500, and racism and the promotion of racism police said. Now instead of 75% of their earnings going to fund immigrants doing nothing the Jews will make them each pay 90%.

February 16th, 2021

February 5th, 2021

Ruby is a woman who will sleep with any man, younger, older, married, single, etc… as long as she can use them to leverage her career in being a right wing new media personality. She passes herself off as a Dr via her work in the medical field, but her “degree” is an online piece of paper in an unrelated field to anything she actually gets paid for. She takes random strange men up to her cottage in the mountains to do cocaine and have anal sex. Its a Belgian thing like waffles and throwing your shit at niggers.

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