Quebec 10

Quebec has tried to amputate itself from Canada several times. The most recent failed attempt was in 1995 when they held a referendum to secede and become the utopian République Populaire de Poutine. Naturally, people went fucking nuts. The voter turnout was 93 percent, because the other 7 percent had been beaten to death by hockey sticks during referendum debates. In the end the real white english speaking Canadians ultimately pwned the Quebecois Faggot Frogs. Out of almost 5 million votes, the Quebecois (Nationalistfags) lost by a hilariously small margin of victory: just 54,000 votes, a mere 0.58%. To piss off the Quebecois even more, it was discovered that 86,000 ballots were rejected because they were unattractive. The Quebecois went even more fucking nuts and sued everyone, demanding access to personally inspect all 5 million ballots. This went on for five fucking years until they lost their final lawsuit, but they will not stop their plans to secede from Canada, North America, and then the planet.-ED

How the fuck did these wild niggers reach Northern Quebec?- Les enquêteurs de la Sûreté du Québec de la MRC de la Vallée-de-l’Or ont procédé à l’arrestation d’un homme relativement à des infractions à caractère sexuel. Amadou Sall, 49 ans, de Val-d’Or, a été arrêté le 2 avril. Il a comparu le lendemain pour faire face à divers chefs d’accusation, dont agression sexuelle. **Investigators from the Sûreté du Québec of the Vallée-de-l’Or RCM arrested a man for sexual offenses. Amadou Sall, 49, of Val-d’Or, was arrested on April 2. He appeared the next day to face various charges, including sexual assault LINK

The economy of Quebec is based on three pillars, the most important of which consist of huge Federal transfers to the Province. Essentially, the Quebecois, too lazy too work, innovate, vote, shower or even sober up, rely on a system euphemistically called “Equalization payments”, but which are in reality the product of hard working English Canadians transformed into perpetual welfare checks for the sleazy Quebecois. In other words: Alberta works so that Quebec doesn’t have to. The third pillar of the Quebecois economy consist of the foreigners that have settled in Montreal. Most Quebecois are closet racist and will rant on and on in private about how the “Môdi araubes” are polluting their Great Distinct Society. However, the little brown bastards are actually LESS lazy than the Quebecois and, with the Italian mafia, they are one of the main job creators in Quebec. The fourth is Queerbekers can’t fucking count and they forgot and blame anglo phones for it.-ED

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