Random L3

I fucking hate these dykes. I still get chills and fear when I see Whoopi Goldberg. If a dinosaur laid a big shit age in the stone age and it mixed with a nigger and was on a show. It would be Whoopi. or star jones.

Before I even Knew Ben and Jerrys was a Jew ran thing I never bought it. I seen guys at Safeway years ago pissing (like urinating) on ice an ice cream pallet with that crap product on it. coming into the store in the back Then laughed as some niggers that worked there put it on the shelf. Ben and Jerry’s should worry more about the people who can afford to buy their terrorist product rather than the niggers that would just steal the shit.

Is there any surprise here? Why do you think these fags control the banks and the courts. Why else can Biden and Obama rape who ever they want. Friends with Jews. All pedos have found a loop hole to get away with it with Kykes. Scary shit.

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