Buffalo 2

The City of Buffalo was founded and named in 1876 when a British Mans Slave escaped the cotton field plantation and started raping a Buffalo. Indian chief Chief Cheektowaga called where Buffalo today cursed. And the saying was founded “The Do Not Go To Buffalo, Powow lysol”. Buffalo Bills fans are also a special kind of stupid. This could be due to the large nigger population there mixed with the winds blowing the Canadian stupid down, I don’t know. But it is one thing to pay and cheer on niggers in a field especially niggers that are not picking cotton or killing each other. Also to do so in the fucking cold? The only benefit to going to a Buffalo Bills game in the cold would be to laugh at the stinky niggers freezing their black asses off on the bench. This here is a pic of your typical Bills fan. They dress up to almost think they are the player. They are a fucking pathetic as people who dress up as star wars and that dog shit log you just cant get thats frozen under the barn. Useless.

March 21st, 2021

10 years old those comments but the place still looks like fucking shit.

February 20th, 2021

The City of Buffalo is 40% nigger but that is 99.9% of their problems. Niggers are that bad. I know it you know it the whole world knows it. In 2016, bizjournals.com published an article including an FBI report that ranked Buffalo’s violent crime rate as the 15th-worst in the nation

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