Taiwan 5

Shon Li thinks she’s hot sh1t, when really she is just another meth head alcoholic from Taipei. She will post filtered photos consistently because she needs validation from others to make herself feel good. Dropped out of school and has old sugar daddies to support her habits. She is overall a rude conceited big titted b1tch, beware of her. Goes to fancy restaurants and will post all about it to make herself look cool but the $ money comes from old men. Her parents I’m sure are proud of her.. please stop with the fillers as well, you look like you’ve aged drastically and it’s doing you no good. Her group poses with the same hand bags and think no one knows that they just share amongst them. Dumb as bricks, karma will catch up hunny.

February 18th, 2021

This unscrupulous immoral woman Emily poses as different professionals in health care including nursing and even a counselor. She will take your man, your money and dare you to do anything about it. She has slept with numerous married men and some doctors at a hospital she used to work with. I heard she counseled a wife, husband and their kids, during martial issues and ended up sleeping with the husband, telling all the family information and personal issues. Then she married the man from the marriage she helped destroy. And check this – she is an ordained minister!!!! She actually marries people and claims she is clergy. I hope all her clients find out about her. This woman needs to be stopped. Oh and she is in her 30s, has two kids, and actively breaks up families and lies to children to build her own fake family. She lies about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. She has even threatened bodily harm to her clients she is supposed to help once they find about her horrible mean and nasty ways.

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