Montenegro 2

Linda  has a habit of picking men that are emotionally low and weak she preys on married or taken men that are sad. She acts as if she is a saint but is in fact a home wrecker. She has no shame, ethics, values taught to her. Be careful with your man if your in the trucking business In Montenegro because this is one loose woman after men. She is known as a lot lizard and is known to give the best blow jobs from London to Vladisvostok. With tons of foreign STDs to share with fellow citizens she puts this shit hole on the fucking map!!!

January 10th, 2021

October 20th, 2021

This woman Mina loves to go after married men. She has had 2 failed marriages due to her being unfaithful with anyone and everything she finds. You can often times find her spread eagle getting cornholed in barns and bars across Montenegro. She has a history of be a sideline ho and has other sideline ho sluts working for her. I have confronted this dirt leg and she will not get the picture. She knows what shes doing she comes in the picture and is a listening ear for men and trying to be their friend. When in reality she just wants to take your man and ruin families. She is evil she finds women gets them hooked on drugs and then makes them sleep with gross old balled men. Sick bitch all for her to get ahead. Low Life.

October 1st, 2020

Say no to fags. LOL. After hooligans assaulted a minor in Podgorica whose family publicly supports LGBT rights, activists demand the maximum legal penalties for the crime to prevent similar violence in future. Some surveys suggested that 71 per cent of citizens in Montenegro consider homosexuality an illness, and every second citizen agrees that homosexuality is a danger to society and that the state should work to suppress it. In its reports on Montenegro, the EU has said although the authorities are taking steps to protect the rights of LGBT people, hostility against them remains widespread. Attacks on LGBT people have continued and criminal convictions for these assaults remain few in number, the EU noted. I think it would be a great idea to send the faggots to their homeland of Israel. Israel is all about diversity.

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