Brandon And Julia Want To Get Away From The Sex Farm. Parents Need Julia Too Much.

On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Brandon and Julia got what they wanted when it comes to their living arrangements on his parents’ farm, thanks to Brandon threatening to leave the farm altogether for his cum dumpster slut Julia. On this season of 90 Day Fiancé, 26-year-old Julia has hated living on her 27-year-old fiancé Brandon’s creepy parents’ farm in Virginia, she is getting sick of the taste of Brandon’s Asshole on his dads dick. She has also been upset that his parents, Betty and Ron, have sex and force her to watch. She still can not get the images of Betty’s loose mud flap vagina shivering in the wind. Julia reached a breaking point and told Brandon that if they didn’t leave the farm, she would go and move in with Big Ed Brown. Meanwhile, Brandon’s parents were also upset with him since he has neglected eating out his mothers moldy snatch.

On Sunday’s episode, Brandon made it clear that Julia came second in his life, (next to male bath houses) telling his parents that he and Julia needed to leave because she was so unhappy with his dad forcing her to fuck his old balls. Betty and Ron were shocked and upset, so they went into town and bought some meth and guns. “Don’t make a stupid decision,” he angrily told his faggot son. “I own your ass it is my cock garage! End of topic.” Brandon also told his mom that Julia didn’t like how “horny” she was with him. At this point, Betty broke out a vibrator. “All I’ve tried to do is clean my box everyday, and the amount of money I have spent on Vagasil at Costco is unimaginable,” she said. Ron told cameras, “It should not be a bargaining chip. And that bothers me. He needs to talk to her and say, ‘Dear, listen to me.’ That Russian bitch Julia better get back on her knees and suck my cock or else.” In the end, Brandon got what he wanted a big stiff throbbing cock in his ass They also agreed that she would no longer have to do suck shit off of Ron’s dick. When he told Julia the news, she agreed to stay on the farm for a while longer. She said she was pleased that Brandon was finally being “a man” and standing up to his parents, though she still wants to do meth and male hookers. But she also worries that Betty now hates her.

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