New Orleans 2

Oooh yaasss, this is the now infamous racist bigot Dea in New Orleans who was airing her hate-filled racist tirades at racial minorities on the bus. Dea exact words were, “Get the fuk out Niggers, I hate fuking Muslims! This is a Catholic Fuking Temple”. The video footage are all over the internet on YouTube, Instagram dan on many other websites. LMAO! But there is a lot more to Dea  than her racist invective captured on camera. Dea  is a floozy and she has been an floozy in the Toronto and Windsor area for a long-time now. Dea  has been a “Sugar Baby” floozy charging money to old married men for sex by placing ads on Backpage, Seeking Arrangements and other sites and apps, but it all took a turn for the worst when Dea  got fired from her jobs.

December 21st, 2020

Two people in New Orleans have been charged for allegedly stealing a car and checkbooks from a nursing home patient Monday. According to the New Orleans Sheriff’s Office, 26-year-old Natalie is charged with forgery, possession of schedule I, possession of schedule II, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, illegal carrying of weapons, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, and on an outstanding arrest warrant for simple burglary. Megan 25, is charged with forgery and possession of schedule II. Deputies say on Monday, December 7, banking officials them that Natalie was attempting to cash a $7,200 check while Megan waited outside in the victim’s vehicle. Both Natalie and Megan were detained while N.O deputies and city police searched the stolen car. Deputies and officers say they recovered suspected methamphetamine, marijuana, a loaded firearm with multiple magazines, and several of the victim’s checkbooks from the car.

September 24th, 2020

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New Orleans Police have arrested a fat fucking nigger named Jacoby Trepagnier, 19, in connection with a Foucher Street shooting incident that occurred the day after KFC released the Chicken Dream Sandwich Supreme. At 3:24 p.m. on Dec. 26, a wild street pavement ape got mowed down like a mother fucking bitch but not kill da mofo. As investigation progressed in this incident, NOPD Sixth District detectives were able to positively identify Trepagnier as a nigger due to his foul odor and reference to watermelons. Search and arrest warrants were obtained by Inspector Gadget. On Jan. 2, Sixth District detectives and NOPD Violent Niggers and Jigaboos Squad officers executed warrants at Trepagnier’s Obama bought project house, locating Trepaginer listening to some Justin Bieber albums and arresting him without incident. Trepagnier was booked into the Orleans Nigger Storage Bin for attempted second-degree murder, not using soap, being to fat to locate his little wiener, and possession of a firearm by a stinky nigger.

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