Top 10 US States Mentioned On This Site

I have listed the times the states have been used as categories. Which is mostly the actual state in a post, a city, a major crime ect. I want to do another one with countries. The states are all about right where I thought they would be. A little shocked at #8 making the list but there is a lot of nigger crime around there. I am a little shocked that Pennsylvania isn’t there. I didn’t include the Nigger Floyd Pages in Minnesota for its total or they would of been on the list.

10)- Illinois-15

Illinois is a midwestern state bordering Indiana in the east and the Mississippi River in the west. Nicknamed “the used farm equipment state,” it’s marked by farmland, forests, rolling hills and streets full of niggers with bullet holes in them like swiss cheese. Chicago, one of the largest democratic nigger loving cities in the U.S, is in the northeast on the shores of Lake Michigan( a great place for niggers to dump bodies after they rape white bitches). It’s famous for its shootings, and violent crime. Al Capone would be ashamed if he was alive today to be witnessing his once kingdom as a nigger infested shit hole ran by a nigger wench Lori Lightfoot. Just a pathetic waste in America like a mini-Africa.

9)- Ohio-15

Ohio is a shithole excuse of a state in the Israeli States, in Middle America and best described as the Armpit of America. It is known for its mass export of faggots like Drew Carey and John Legend. Ohio is widely known for having four unique seasons — almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction. Ohio is also famous for having one of the highest populations of white supremacists, hicks, and of course like everywhere the Jews want to dominate NIGGERS! Due to its close proximity to Indiana and West Virginia KKK rallies are a favorite pass time. It’s known for having three of the shittiest cities in America (and that’s saying something): Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus. Only Detroit, New Orleans (the nigger parts), and Baltimore are worse. Other than Toledo (which isn’t really so much “shitty” as it is unremarkable) all the other “cities” in Ohio are small towns filled with midwestern hicks that nobody cares about.

8)- Oklahoma-15

Oklahoma is a central state with a fucking panhandle. It is full of red necks and niggers who all love Jesus and drugs and guns. Which makes it quite entertaining especially in the metro areas of Oklahoma City and Tulsa where niggers and red necks meet up, while all drunk and high and try to operate their guns. Grade A entertainment for the whole family!!!

7)- Missouri-16

It is fact that there are niggers in both Kansas City and St. Louis. So much so, as a final solution, in 1947, a plan was enacted by President Truman to abort the city of St. Louis by constructing a giant coat hanger. However, by the time the project was finished in 1965, there wasn’t any money to construct a giant dumpster to dispose of the bodies. That and the Archbishop has wrote a letter to the Pope. So as an alternative, White people started moving to St. Charles. Niggers will keep eventually having to move near the white people until the smartest whites go to Antarctica, all the niggers and jews freeze to death following them for handouts. Then go back and rebuild in a few hours with out them then world PEACE!

6)- Georgia-17

Georgia, the Peach State, is a state in the southern US and A, bordering Alabama, the Carolinas, Florida, and Tennessee. Georgia’s chief exports are prisoners from Atlanta, peaches, peanuts, pecans, Sweettea, and fine upstanding liberal fake nigger loving politicians that set an example for the rest of the nation. Putting Israel’s interests first by letting the niggers roam around much like they do in Africa not obeying laws what so ever. Famous cities in Georgia include Atlanta, Augusta, and Athens, home of REM and The B-52’s. The rest of Georgia is largely unpopulated by humanoid life.

5)- Michigan-17

Michigan (Also known as Fridgigan) it is Canada’s poorest and most highly Nigger populated territory. And due to the niggers getting welfare ere is as easy as getting it like a muslim nigger in Canada. It’s entire population consists of blacks, liberal elitist scumbags who live in gated communities far from niggers, deer (who also hate niggers), and the lesser known species, Yoopers, which is segregated by group into four specific zones. Nigger African Zones, White Safe Normal Zones, forests, and the Upper Peninsula. Michigan’s main exports consist of expensive unreliable cars, highly flammable furniture, and niggers. The whole states starts with Detroit and fucking ends in Flint.

4)- New York-21

New York is a state and a city. It confuses niggers but thankfully for them most of them get a bullet or as in nigger speak a “cap” busted in their ass before they even realize what liquor store to jack. It is awfully big and filthy and Much like every other white founded, funded, and ran area, infested with niggers. New York has a shit load of Jews in it too. Often referred to as Jew York Jew York City has more Jews than any city in the world. Even in Israel! While in New York if you make it out of NYC after eating at Wendy’s there is also Buffalo and Syracuse to check out.

3)- Florida-32

Once upon a time God decided to create a place where old jews, Republican spics, and dirty rednecks could all live in relative harmony – so he made Florida, America’s dick. Seriously, look at the shape of the state. It’s in the shape of a flaccid penis. That should tell you enough. Of course God didn’t expect anything of value to come from this colossal shithole, he just made it for the fuck of it. It makes Florida the 3rd most mentioned state on this site. With a shit load of fucked up citizens and the cities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee! There is alot more monkeyshines Jews will try to cover up on the near future. Oh yeah The Donald has a few golf courses here and while not busy trying to get his Jews to prove to the Liberal Nigger Loving Jews he won the election. (we all know he did even them).

2)- California-35

California (Formerly Commiefornia, before Ahnold) is the lamest state on the Left Coast of America and home to many serial rapists and their bastard offspring. A very small percentage of the population is actually legal. Home to Hollywood as the ingrown toe-nail, San Francisco as the penis, Bakersfield as the armpit, and everyone from the central part of the state being ashamed of being there, California had the nation’s first action hero governor in Arnold Schwarzenegger (aka The Governator). Also soulless Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose, and Fresno are other cities in Mexico or whatever country California is in now as it a fucking mess of a zoo down there. Good luck losers. Wouldn’t want to be you.

1)- Texas-37

Texas, the second largest state in the Union and the most mentioned on this site. It is a hellhole best known for being home to steers and queers, King of the Hill, shitty country music, morbidly obese people, Megachurches, its inability to contribute anything of value to the country (minus Matthew McCaunahey or how ever you spell it), Mansions, Bible Thumpers, capital punishment, sedentary lifestyle, super-sized portions drenched in lard, Dr. Phool, George W. Bush, a questionable point of view on people, guns, an obsession with large things, and its ongoing failed attempts to outlaw faggotry. Texas wants to be a separate nation, the Jews have allowed  it has been overtaken by Mexicans, so that goes to tell ya how much they suck dick. Other than that, they suck major fucking cockles because they call themselves the fucking “Lone-Star” State, in other words, Tits or GTFO. Don’t forget to visit Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Waco, Austin, and Lubbock just to name a few. Oh also while here go to Mr T’s fine car wash and jerk off in the nigger who did its honor. (Texas fried his black ass).

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