Whitney Rose Loves The Smell Of Old Man Ball Sweat

A descendant of “Mormon Royalty,” like the start of Mormonism back in 1995 or 1997 it was invented. Whitney Rose has been trying her best to drain as many old man nut sacks until every old folks home in Utah is serviced. She left the church after she got fucked by 8 of her 70+ year old co workers at the same time in her office and it leaked on to You Tube, Whitney was laying more pipe than any plumber ever could. Within weeks,  Whitney found out she was pregnant so she blamed it on the guy who had the most money and most likely to die first.  Married for 10 years sadly, she has had two children he may of fathered – How Do These Old Balls Still Create Sperm and Wad Of Jizz She Wished She Swallowed – and she owns a high end escort service for old fucker in Salt Lake City. Now, she is faced with parenting her crack addicted fun loving father who is dealing with his break up with John Legend and relies on her for everything.  And just when it seems like society is finally beginning to accept her 10-year-marriage, scandalous rumors about her progressive relationship start to swirl when she is caught smoking crack and taking 2 dicks in her ass at the LDS Temple while her old Ben Gay Smelling wrinkly balled husband sat in his wheelchair jerking off to it.

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