Bulgaria 4

Initially Gabby with come across as sweet and friendly but will secretly try to steal your man. She is fucking several married men in Sofia. She tries to take men from their wives. She will be “dating” your guy and smiling in your face. Beware of this secret hoe. No man is off limits. Wear protection guys! You’ll leave with a permanent gift from this happy go lucky fake slore. She also dicks around all the time on those international dating sites. Milking old faggots like this ONE for every pathetic penny their loser asses are worth. When she gets the money she goes out with her cousin Markov gets crack rocks and he bags the bitch for dark web sick porn films the ones where they drink the pee pee.

January 14th, 2021

January 7th, 2021

I am engaged to marry my soon to be daughters father. We’ve been together a little over two years, he’s just as much to blame but this is about Charlotte. She’s very pregnant herself now, were due days apart. She knows about me, and she’s known to. I have caught multiple texts between the two that prove they are still seeing each other and go as far as still doing drugs together. It’s what their relationship was built on. She is married herself and her husband Tibor is no prize as he cheats himself. Maybe she’s ok with an open marriage but I am not. She texts and calls him everytime they are fighting and she’s dropped off at her mothers. There’s a video of her sucking his d, in his truck. Class act. I just hope her baby isn’t my fiancé’s nor is it her husbands so she’s finally reaping some of what she sows. I’d post the video that my fiancé still has but I know I can’t post nudity. She always texts my man, hope I never get ahold of her husbands number.

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