Taiwan 4

January 25th, 2021

This extremely manipulative rice picking bitch Susan seduces men out there on the popular karaoke app, Smule. No one knows her true name and other details but she is married to an American husband Joey who’s in the property business and she has 3 sons aged 3, 5, and 8 and they all reside permanently in Taipei. Lately she’s involved in an affair with a married man targeting him at this weakest moment. Pretending to give advice to him on how to win his wife back but what she did really was to lure him into her trap step by step. Beware of this seemingly innocent and kind hearted woman. She’s a true Home Wrecker!

December 28th, 2020

This 21 year old tramp June-June claimed to be my best friend like a little sister to me. I let her into my home and our family. On Easter Sunday this year, while I was nursing my daughter who had a concussion, she barged into the bathroom, where my husband was peeing, and jumped him. He was not innocent, but she started it. She slept with him many many times – in my daughter’s bed. While we were home. I was diagnosed with cancer in August and hours after coming home the day of surgery to remove my tumor, she was with him in my daughter’s bed, just 1 floor under where I was recuperating. She broke into my home one night and took him in his sleep. And on, and on, and on… Keep your husbands safe, ladies. She’s a monster.

November 18th, 2020

This chick Kimee will have sex with literally any guy that has a dick, doesn’t matter if the guy is 60+ years. She is having secret sex with an older guy that is a cop in Tainan City ((he’s married and has children)) and then screwing her boyfriends which change all the time, she lays more pipe than any fucking plumber.… then she screwed my fiancé in my bed, and she was supposedly my “best friend”. She often jets off to Australia and the US to fuck when she gets sick of the locals. She is a race track HOMEWRECKER… she has slept with so many peoples husbands it’s disgusting I could go on and on but y’all got the point! All she cares about is herself. She thinks its ok to mess around & act like she’s the innocent one.

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