Japan 8

Miko had the audacity to sleep with my husband and say to me that he was just a lay. After finding text messages that she loved him and missed him and hours upon hours of phone calls, when confronted she wasn’t woman enough to apologize or anything. After days of researching phone records and instant message I found their affair that last for about 4 months. She is a cold hearted HOMEWRECKER and doesn’t see anything wrong with her actions. She got a LAY out of him, if not more and she is perfectly fine with it. It doesn’t matter what damage she caused as long as she got what she wanted. Be aware of her if you are in the area. She visits Yokohama at night to fuck and surrounding areas. 

January 17th, 2021

January 15th, 2021

January 14th, 2020

Chopstick thieving Sluts

Two women with nice tits were arrested Wednesday after they tried to steal two bottles of cognac from a liquor store in Sapporo, authorities said. According to Doral police, Kymbi 25, and Shami, 26, were with two children when they entered the store shortly after 3 p.m. Police said both women distracted the employee while Kymbi concealed two bottles of cognac, priced at yen100 each, inside her purse. The women tried to leave the store without paying for the liquor, but they were stopped by the employee, who was able to retrieve one of the bottles, authorities said. The 2 sluts ditched the kids in the store while they distracted guards by pretending to engage in lesbian lust. Whose kids were left and where the bottles went are unknown.

This girl Amiko is so awesome she will try to ruin your life if you start dating a guy she is obsessed with everyone wants to smash this big rack jap so she goes out of her way to try to ruin the lives of the girls who can get e men she wants this chick went to the courthouse to put a restraining order on a girl I know and they never met and only spoke once for the simple fact that she was mad my friend was dating a guy she was desperate over who didn’t even ever want her and makes fun of her she’s 30 years old and still not married I heard she always smashes older men for money she also still lives with her mom and I heard she has genital drd 

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  1. How come all your thot reports have massive tits?
    It makes me question the validity of these photos.
    Sure the thot reports sound real enough but maybe you changed the photo… hmmh?


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