North Macedonia

Beware of this hurting women Jana who will gamble all her money away and she doesn’t have any left to buy her kids things she goes flashing her enormous fun jugs to get her next spin at the casino she even steals from peoples yards just to gamble and her so called friends she only uses and she even steals from them she will go to great lengths to steal your stuff so she can pretend she bought them just to give to her children and will blame everyone from stealing from her the one who points fingers there is three pointing back at her she stolen shoes and phones, underwear, perfume, makeup, clothes and even tattoo kits to sell this women can ‘t be trusted….. 

November 6th, 2020

May 8th, 2020

Here we have Jasmine. Kumanovo loosest bicycle. Married with triplets but that doesn’t stop her from sleeping with all her coworkers at the pig farm and anyone else who looks at her. She cheats on her husband while he works or is at home with their kids. She laughs while she gets fucked and spends her husbands families money on drugs. She wont use condoms as she wants STD’s and or more children. She was kicked out of a function in Skopje last month as someone thought a nigger or muslim was around as her snatch smells so fucking bad. Careful ladies take it from me if your man has talked to her chances are they’re already banging. Do yourself a favor and dump him like I did before you catch something.

Her Husband Was murdered By
Jewish Gypsies

Bethja began sleeping with my husband a few years ago for money. She had been my best friend for 7 years. She was married and her husband got killed by a wild pack of Jewish Gypsies for a nickle. My husband and I split up after two weeks we decided to work things out. He swore he would never see her again. Two months later I found out I was pregnant with some random dudes kid. . He flipped out for some odd reason and left. I found him three days later with her at a meth house fucking each other while sharing a pipe.!! Two months go by and he doesn’t see me or our two kids. He wasn’t helping and blaming me for everything. Well I don’t know, I took him back. One month later he took off with her to the beach leaving me with his kids with no money. This woman Bethja knew I was pregnant and knew we were trying to work it out but yet he still saw him. He never came back after that beach trip. My third child was born and is now almost two and he has never seen her!! He doesn’t do anything for my child. 

Yugoslavia left a bunch of countries in its path of destruction in the 1990s, when it was broken up during a period of extreme political upheaval. And perhaps no nation is worse off now than the crappy North Macedonia, which you’ve never heard of and will never visit. Among many lingering issues, corruption and Jews are a huge issue here and it’s one of the most polluted countries in Europe but that little bitch Greta is too scared to tell them. 

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