New Jersey 4

January 12th, 2021

January 8th, 2021

This h0e Katie sleeps with anyone, or anything that has 2 legs! She has slept with everyone in Sussex and God knows how many others. She is a pu55y b1tch, internet warrior and the reason she sleeps with so many people is because she is too scared to be alone. It’s sad actually! This sloot has had drds and who knows what else! This b1tch sleeps with old men for money and use to sell her pu55y. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a black whole by now! She does meth, fentanyl and any other hard drugs she can get her hands on. Katie can’t keep a job and tries to flex her money when she sells the meds she’s supposed to be taking! Back to the pu55y b1tch part multiple people have tried to confront this b1tch about her internet talk but she doesn’t want anything. The only time Katie will fight is when she surprise attacks people or uses weapons.

January 7th, 2020

This woman Briana became “friends” with my husband shortly after he opened the restaurant where they work. I found out about her when he started acting withdrawn. So I looked in his phone and found the picture below of her cutting meat that she sent to him. So I confronted him about it. He swears up and down they are just friends etc. Stopped talking to her immediately. Then about a month later a new phone number popped up. She texted him one day that her car wouldn’t start and he took the time out of work to call a bunch of auto parts places for her. He wouldn’t do that for me. He would expect me to handle it. He insists that they are just friends but I think otherwise. She is also married. I texted her asking “what is the extent of the friendship you have with my husband” she never responded and then blocked me on all social media. I went to Briana’s house to confront the bitch and found her and her sister getting fucked by my husband on the front lawn with the dogs. I took his credit cards and am in Vegas now fucck him and his sluts.

Danielle’s a server who works with my soon to be exhusband. She preyed upon him during his darkest times. He is likely suffering from depression but won’t seek help. I caught on last year and he swore he’d stop talking to her. So she took her daughter’s phone to call him. She knew the entire time he was married. She didn’t care. He believes every one of her lies. He moved out today. Crushing our three children and me. They have been having sex for at least 6 months. She’s a predator of the worst kind and she has a daughter who will learn this behavior from her.

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