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Two women have been arrested in connection with the violent caught-on-camera beatdown of a driver in New Jersey, an attack possibly sparked by road rage — and authorities are still looking for nearly a half-dozen other suspects. Bree, 26, and Shirley , 26, were charged with aggravated assault, Jersey City officials said Tuesday. Exum was also charged with burglary, theft and endangering an injured victim, a spokeswoman said. It wasn’t immediately clear if either woman had retained an attorney who could comment.
Authorities had been looking for the two women and four men for their suspected roles in the beating, which happened around 3 a.m. Sunday at a busy intersection. The entire confrontation was captured on video. In the footage, the motorist is seen being pulled from his car and then viciously punched, kicked and stomped by the group.  The beating may have been preceded by a parking space fender bender. After an initial confrontation, the man tries to get in his car and drive away before someone jumps on his windshield, breaking it. Another person is seen in the video jumping on the hood of the Cadillac.

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December 18th, 2020

A Bayonne woman who police stole cash and a computer from a male acquaintance was arrested Tuesday, nearly six months after the crime, police said. Rose, 31, was charged with burglary and theft after she was picked up by Jersey City police, who turned her over to the Bayonne Police Department, Local Hometown Hero Bayonne Lt. Tony Vlachos said. On May 3, a 55-year-old man reported to police that Rose entered his home without his permission and took cash and a $2,000 computer over the course of two separate occasions. A warrant was issued for Rose arrest, and on Tuesday she was taken into custody in Jersey City.

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December 7th, 2020

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