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This girl Krysta of Easton who was my best friend, decided to tell my now ex husband to get divorced and them proceeded to sleep with him over the course of a year. While I was pregnant with my exs second child she called and harassed me, threatened me all the time. Now Im the bad person because she and my ex got pregnant last year and we just got divorced in July. And now as of October they are now engaged. She likes to talk to men who have money or want to steal other people’s significant others because she wants to be taken care of without working. So just a fair warning this bitch is up to no good. But it’s okay because her boyfriend my now ex husband has chested on her multiple times. Lol karma is a bitch. 

Tori is a bartender in Frackville and prays on married men that come into the bar! She plays all nice and innocent but the girl is a stage 5 clinger and psychotic! She stole one mans wedding ring. She didn’t even care that she is breaking up families. She is a horrible person and needs to learn to keep her hands off married men!! She does cocaine every night and has been known to work as an escort for rich men who supply her with drugs and money. This bitch drives a Porsche how do you afford that slinging drinks? Thats a car for a cock sucker what a slut!

n 1943, the city went before the Supreme Court to defend an ordinance that banned distributing religious materials door to door. Several members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses challenged the constitutionality of the law but were defeated in Douglas v. City of Jeannette.

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. — Lower Allen Township Police have charged a 18-year-old woman with attacking another woman at a Dave and Buster’s at the Capital City Mall Tuesday night. Trixie was at the restaurant with two other people when a member of the group attacked the victim, grabbing her by the hair and throwing her to the ground, where she struck her head, police say. The other woman attacked the victim, punching her and kicking her, while the third member of the group half-heartedly attempted to shove a bottle up her ass, police say. Trixie then allegedly joined the fray, rushing into the area and kicking and stomping the victim with steal toe high heels and brass fucking knuckles, police say. As employees and a bystanders kept getting beat by a bunch of bitchy white whores, she began pushing and hitting them as well with weapons, according to police. Trixie and her group then stole the victim’s cell phone, credit cards, and car keys, police say then a male friend pissed on her as some fat bitch took a shit on the victims face.

Three Pennsylvania men who pleaded guilty to having sex hundreds of times with horses, goats, dogs and a cow need to keep serving their decades-long prison sentences, a state appeals court has decided. The men even made videos of themselves as they committed that bestiality, investigators said. And they recruited a teenage boy to help them molest the creatures. The Superior Court panel upheld the 20- to 41-year prison terms for Terry Wallace, Matthew Brubaker and Marc Measnikoff in an opinion by President Judge Emeritus John Bender. All three had pleaded guilty in Clearfield County court to charges of corruption of minors, 730 counts of sexual intercourse with animals and 730 counts of cruelty to animals. <SNIP> Link

After Investigation police thought only inbred hill billies or niggers could commit such a sick crime. But then they realized they were both too stupid to do it. Then They found a break. The men may or may not be missing today if seen here is the most recent phot of them. They are usually well hid by their friends the Clintons and Obamas.

The West Chester Police Department Narcotics Unit initiated an investigation into the sale of Heroin by Jennifer, a 31-year-old female from West Chester, PA, on Friday, October 30, 2020. As a result of their investigation, officials state Jen was taken into custody, processed, and transported to Central Booking for arraignment. Jen was arraigned on October 31, 2020, and has been remanded to Chester County Prison after being unable to post $50,000 cash bail. A preliminary hearing is pending. White is charged with one count Delivery of a Controlled Substance (Heroin), two counts Possession of Controlled Substance (Heroin), one count Criminal Use of a Communication Facility, and one count Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Wonder which ugly filthy jew kike lives in this house.

HATFIELD, Pa. (KKK) – Authorities in Montgomery County, Pa. say one man is under arrest but a second is still on the loose following a burglary in Hatboro during the past week in which several firearms were taken from the home. Police say Robert Johnson was taken into custody at the Colmar train station in Hatfield, where authorities say he was attempting to sell some of the stolen guns.  But a second man, identified as Huett Johnson of Hatboro, got away. Montgomery County district attorney Risa Ferman says both men have criminal convictions that prohibit them from possessing firearms. “We still have another armed and dangerous man out on the streets,” DA Ferman told reporters this afternoon.  “We want people to know that we are looking for him, we want people to know not to approach him.  But that if he is seen or if someone knows where he is, they should contact law enforcement right away.” <SNIP> LINK: Have you seen this violent fucking filthy nigger?

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