Bolivia 3

December 8th, 2020

September 18th, 2020

Cock gobbling Cora she likes it rough, she use to have a jungle as her pubic hair muff, she was embarrassed so her legs stayed shut, until the glorious day when she went for a cut. She started a website to make money from hits, she didn’t cash in until she bought tits,…… This bitch had an affair with a married man for 7 years under the pretext nobody would ever find out. Guess what? Everyone knows now! What you both did was wrong. I see you did a good job making yourself out to be a victim lmao. I’ve seen your posts lol. I posted them for you also so you can get the word out! YW! Funny thing is I saw it coming. I knew along time ago. Poor dude. And I even feel sorry for you too a little. Cause are so stupid to play that ” he made me believe he was leaving her ” sh*t! Really? No mans gonna leave his wife for another ho if he don’t do it he first year!!!! So go back to Sucre and suck dick at the train station there you bitch. I am willing to bet $100 that the swim suit that Cora is wearing in that picture came from the airport. Her and her brother go to the airport and yank luggage that isn’t theirs and take it home. They call them mystery surprises because they never know what they will get. They never had christmas as kids as their dad fucks goats and cows.

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