New York 8

Tasha tried fucking my man while trying to be friends even while I was pregnant with his kid than he made her look like a fool for saying he played her now he either gets a restraining order or we are over cause the dumb b1tch won’t learn her place. She uses drugs all the fucking time and uses men she’s told me how to manipulate a man before I thought it was disgusting. Not to mention she’s got tiger stripes.ewwwwww. also she went outside my work and screamed “I fucked your boyfriend” while you were at work while her daughter was in the back seat of her car how classy. She usually hangs out with this half breed mulato faggot. As if any real man wants a whore that hangs out with a nigger or a faggot. She lives with her fat mother who looks after her child who she has no idea who the father is of.

Jessica slept with my husband of 20 years in my daughter’s bedroom. Also, in the back of a farm truck where we haul horse shit. In her car, and dropped to her knees on a dirty restaurant floor. She is over 10 years younger than him. She works in the restaurant business . She stalked my husband as a ‘good friend’ for almost 3 years, then bought all the alcohol he could drink and guess what.. it is now his fault according to her. She was married at the time, and actually sued her husband for divorce because he had an adulterous affair! She stopped sleeping with her own husband to sleep with mine. She is sick, perverse, and desperate for attention.. if your husband is around her, demand he never speak to her.

On June 13th 2020 at 3:25 pm the Seneca Falls Police Department arrested Kirsten, age 29 of Seneca Falls. The arrest stems from a theft complaint at 1860 North Road; Walmart Super Center where the bitch was seen with a glad garbage bag stuffing it with what ever shit she could find. Acting like she owned the fucking place. Kirsten was observed by store staff stealing multiple items of merchandise including tampons and firearms. When Police tried to arrested Kirsten for the theft but she fucking pepper sprayed the pigs and ran off. She was later found in a park shooting up with her stolen merchandise beside her on a park bench. she was found to be in possession of Heroin. Kirsten was arrested and released on a appearance ticket for Petit Larceny and Criminal Possession Of A Controlled Substance in the 7th degree. Kirsten was due to appear in the Town of Seneca Falls Court on August 6th at 5:30 pm. She never showed.

The Whitesboro seal, originating in the early 1900s, displays founder Hugh White shit kicking some native who was drunk raping his cattle. The seal has been controversial because it has been interpreted as a settler choking the Geronimo apprentice; city officials contend it depicts a safe land free of drunks and thieves, gaining the respect of the KKK. The current version of the seal was created in 1970, after a lawsuit by some hook nose kike: the version used before the suit showed the settler’s hands on the chug’s neck instead of his shoulders. The seal attracted more controversy in 2016 when village residents voted 157 to 55 to keep the seal as-is rather than explore pussy liberal pro homosexual jew images. On January 21, 2016, Chris Harrison, the mayor of Whitesboro, called Jessica, a correspondent for The Daily Show, and told her to suck his fat walrus cock. BEST CITY LOGO EVER!

Two niggers are under arrest after Canandaigua Police say one of them broke into a house, grabbed some some chicken and then the car keys, and took off with the vehicle. Somehow managing to hit ever fucking other car parked on the street in “QUALITY NIGGER FASHION”  Police allege 22-year-old Jigaboo Chad Brown broke into the victim’s house on Chapin Street last week trying to rape their pet dog. Police found Brown and 21-year-old Corey Francis having stinky nigger anal sex inside the stolen car the next morning.  Brown is charged with burglary, sodomy, and not having the reek stank of nigger on his hyde. Francis is charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle which is crazy as niggers should not be allowed on the road PERIOD.

December 8th, 2020

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