Hungary 3

This 18 year old piece of trash Djanika went after a married man who has 2 kids and a loyal wife. She begged him to leave his wife and they could run away together and start a new life. Yes he fell for her trap for a minute and I let him go to see if that would make him happy. It didn’t take him very long to realize she was nasty and he had no real attraction towards her. I call her lazy because women who prey on married men are in it to not have to put to much work into it.

The capital city, Budapest, has a population of 2 million and consists of 90% Gypsies and 10% dead bodies. Almost everyone is related, due to the Hungarians love of incest. This city is also a tourist trap, where nightclub owners will buttrape you for small change and murder you for free, but only if you’re a nigger.

MOR, Hungary — Six people have been shot dead and two others are in a critical condition following a bank robbery in western Hungary. A local police spokesman said two armed men aged in their 20s carried out the attack around midday (1000 GMT) on Thursday before escaping on foot. “It was literally a slaughter, innocent bystanders were just executed,” Tibor Csakany, a televison journalist, told Hungarian viewers. “This is horrible,” one local resident in her mid-40s said. “We’ve had bank robberies here before, but never any violence, never.” All roads around Mor were sealed as police, on foot and in helicopters, hunted for the gunmen. The two critically injured have multiple gunshot wounds while a ninth victim is seriously injured. The wounded were taken to hospital near Mor, a small former mining town some 60 km (37 miles) west of Budapest. One of those critically wounded was flown to hospital in the capital.<SNIP> LINK

November 24th, 2020

This worthless woman Adrienne met my husband through a running club. They apparently started to run at lunch together or so I am told, probably so he could watch her melons jiggle. At first, I didn’t think anything of it. Then things started to change and it seemed they were spending nearly several days a week together “running” plus he came home with the smell of rotten pussy on his breath all the time. Finally, my husband confessed that he had slept with her, and her sister while their mother watched. I have now kicked him in the nuts and out of the house. My husband actually said “she is not feeling satisfied in her current relationship” the day I kicked him out. Sounds like she has ruined two relationships! The irony of this homewrecker is that she works in HR in Pecs“Catholic” firm. If only her employer knew that this HOMEWRECKER broke one of the 10 Commandments. I would like to be there when she confesses to the priest about that one.

September 16th, 2020

Meet the 23 year old Tania from Bitch Banging Budapest This young lady wants to go out for drinks then dinks with married men, goes to dinner with them at fancy restaurants and takes them home at the end of the night. They pound the shit out of her blow there load then go back home to their families. She loves having sex in the tight corners of their basement or on top of their washing machine. Poor orthodox parents raised her to be a God fearing christian yet she turned out to be completely the opposite. She loves old men with luxury cars and uses them and their money to go out on fancy bars or watch football. You might see her often at every Budapest FC game as she fancy’s those with a beer in one hand and a pair of old saggy wrinkly testicles getting juggled in the other.. Watch out for her as she may be looking for her next target pretty soon!

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