United Arab Emirates 2

I am Ayesha from Dubai, and I used to be married until this trash whore, Alina moved her for work, worked with my husband, and destroyed everything. She is a home wrecker! She found out my husband, a local man, is rich, she followed him, messaged him, did what all the trashes do, and she slept with him. They started an affair. I don’t know how much he paid her, or what gifts he gave her, but I know she was meeting him in hotels and sleeping with him. I saw her messages in his mobile, and searched after her number. In the end I found her name online, I researched and asked around, and find out she is a prostitute! I don’t care about her life choices, I don’t care that she is in the sex industry to make money, but destroying families is something else! The pain provoked by this whore is hard to describe in words, especially because she knew he is married with children. This disgraceful human being should be punished for wrecking homes! Or jailed!, according to the UAE law.

September 10th, 2020

إلزا هي عاهرة من دبي ولكن المشكلة في أن تكون هؤلاء الرجال
 هي رائحة كريهة مثل
 القرف. مثل القرف من الجمل. تقول مرحب
اً ، جميعهم مثلي الجنس الذين يجب
 أن يمارسوا الجنس مع الجمال. كل
 النساء هنا يكرهن رائحتهن الكريهة
 ، وحقيقة أن أعضائهن في حجم
 حبة الملح. إنه لأمر محزن أن كل
 المسلمين والعرب لديهم هذه الصفة
. أمر من الطفل بالتحرش بالله
. حيث في يوم عيد الميلاد يأتي
 اليهود إلى مكة ويمارسون الجنس
 الشرجي مع المسلمين واليهود والمسلمين
 يمارسون الجنس الشرجي معهم. 
iilzaan hi eahirat min dubay walakun 
almushkilat fi 'an takun hula' 
alrijal hi rayihat karihat 
mithl alqarf. mithl alqarf min aljaml. taqul mrhbaan , jamieuhum mithlayu 
aljins aladhin yjb 'an yumarisuu aljins mae aljamali. kl alnisa' huna 
yukrihunu rayihatahun alkarihat , wahaqiqat 'an 'aedayihun fi hajm 
habat almalhi. 'iinah li'amr muhzin 'an kl almuslimin walearab 
ladayhim hadhih alsifati. 'amr min altifl bialtaharush bialluh. 
hayth fi yawm eid almilad yati alyhwd 'iilaa makat wayumarisun 
aljins alsharjia mae almuslimin walyuhud walmuslimin yumarisun 
aljins alsharjia maeahum.
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