Oregon 5

Well she def a gold digger and only wants a man to buy her things and she will fuck any dude for it as well, Her name is Sonya and she don’t care if there married or in a relationship she will do him and make him believe all the lies she likes to tell about there wife or girlfriend but she been around the rural Oregon hick bars and with all the dudes in them as well…and she always says she can get anyone she wants because she fucks and does anal with ass to mouth for them and then she has them but her shit and if they don’t she will tell there wife or girlfriend to get what she wants to be warned you all…She also invites friends in to fuck and then rip the man off financially as well. The men are ALWAYS married and she uses that to drain their accounts and laughs at the destruction she causes.

A 26-year-old Sherwood woman faces numerous charges for allegedly embezzling at least $145,000 from a Sherwood medical clinic. Sarah had worked as the office manager of Sherwood Family Medicine. Clinic officials called the Sherwood Police Department in June 2019 to report the missing money, prompting a year-long investigation, according to Capt. Cock Knuckles. An Oregon County grand jury issued a secret indictment and warrant for Sarah’s arrest on Aug. 10, and she was arrested with incident of punching and kicking while she was high on meth in the middle of a sexual group orgy where she was the center piece at her condo on Friday, Aug. 12. Cock Knuckles said the investigation was extensive and involved combing through numerous records. To date, investigators have discovered a total of $145,000 they believe Sarah stole from her employer. Sarah was booked into the Washington County Jail on 30 felony counts including aggravated first-degree theft, aggravated identity theft, identity theft and first-degree forgery. Where she is currently sitting filming the movie for Bang Bros “Jail House Bitch Lesbo Party VII” Good job Sarah! We are proud!

November 19th, 2020

“I made a yellow shit splatter on the toilet floor here and left it”– Morgan Freeman (Nigger)

November 14th, 2020

What a creepy looking jew troll. He looks so Jew and his name is so Jew. He does what jews are known for perverted sex crimes. Looks like duck acts like duck must be duck Pendleton police arrested a convicted sex offender for allegedly trying to kidnap and murder a 16-year-old girl. Early Tuesday morning, detectives detained a person of interest and transported him to the Pendleton Police Department where they obtained a statement from him. After speaking with 35-year-old Mathew Rhorer, they arrested him and booked him at the Umatilla County Jail on charges of attempted murder and first-degree kidnapping. Link to a like wise article

September 8th, 2020

This women Morgan of Bandon, Oregon is a 28 year old housewife. But her side job is to fuck her friend’s husband and her husbands 19 year old son from one of his other marriages. Fucker is old. And wrinkly and uses ben gay cream. When the husband is out of town working. She invites her friend husband over to have sex with her while her husbands sons watches and joins in.. She been expose , lied her way out of it. But continue to cheat on her husband with the married guy. Who happens to be her friend’s husband and almost her son (these are known ones you know there is many moore whooooore!). I was told that she has a bush for a Vagina, it’s so dry. The sex isn’t good. But her blow jobs are awesome. Dirty hoe that stays on her knees. So if you know her husband. Tell him !! He is being played for a fool. She loves to blow on a cock whistle if it means she gets FREE SHIT!

September 8th, 2020

Julian Pedroza
Penis So Small.

Deputies arrested a 22-year-old beaner on murder charges Thursday as the suspect in a deadly shooting that happened in Salem earlier this month. Julian Pedroza, 22, of Keizer has a real small penis and was booked into the Marion County Jail on murder, first-degree assault, and unlawful use of a weapon. Pedroza has a penis that is so fucking small all the women laugh at it thats why he looks so scared in that photo like they are laughing or he knows he is about to get ass raped. Pedroza was wanted as a suspect in the murder of some other faggot gang banger, who was found with a cap busted in his bitch ass on September 2 outside of a business on Lancaster Drive.

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