Maine 4

I’m heartbroken for my sis who just found out from looking at her hubby s old phone that a girl here named fucking Amy he played softball with and went to high school with had sex with him shortly after their wedding. Someone told her to google her name and I’m even more disgusted that she’s on this site and porn hub getting her big fucking tits covered in cock goo. It seems as others knew about her traits. Not that it’s not the men’s fault too but my sis is too nice and shocked and scared to confront anyone. And I just saw her recently at Belfast ER where she works and it took All I could not to lose it. Amy you should be ashamed and karma will catch up and people will find out you’re not as loyal as they thought. Pathetic and sad. She’s a big titted parasite who goes after married men. 

December 4th, 2020

November 28th, 2020

November 12th, 2020

Caribou woman arrested & charged with class C possession of schedule w drugs, Methamphetamine & Fentanyl along with a bunch of dildos covered in animal fecal matter-On September 23, 2020, Officer Tony Vlachos made a traffic stop on Record Street in Caribou for a traffic violation when he seen a girl spit what appeared to be a mans semen on the road from a moving vehicle. As a result of the subsequent investigation, Officer Vlachos deployed K9 “Ace”. K9 “Ace” alerted on the vehicle which led to a search of the 2008 Ford SUV. Ashley Rockstar, 29, of Caribou was arrested and charged with Class C POSSESSION OF SCHEDULE W DRUGS (Methamphetamine) and Class C POSSESSION OF SCHEDULE W DRUGS (Fentanyl). Rockstar was arrested, hucked in a cell with a bunch of bull dyke rug munching lesbos, and given a November court date at the Caribou District Court. Officer Vlachos was assisted by Ape/Nigger Trainee Carl Winslow of the Caribou Police Department.

September 19th, 2020

This nasty, blown out, pig Giselle needs to be called out. You can find her anywhere in Portland usually on her back or fucking knees. Her natural habitat is the bar with a scholong in her mouth, vag, or asshole. While her 2 kids are with the lineup of men waiting to go cornhole her fucking whore of a mother back at their trailer. She will brag about fuking your fiance to everyone she knows. Then when called out has no spine to stand her nasty cvm dump a55 up, and own up to her sh1t. She like any other homewrecker thinks it’s all a big joke. So while I sit home with no man. She sinks her claws into her prey. Then invites their selfish, heartless, drunk a55 back to “cuddle”. Leading to more than one good fuking lay in the course of two seconds. She has always done that at only 22 her fucking pussy lips are probably dirtier than those mud flaps on that show Ice Road Truckers. She is usually always pregnant and addicted to abortions. She actually made a joke one night at the pub saying she saves so much money not buying tampons or maxi pads as she is always pregnant. And she laughs and says those nigger wenches on Maury have nothing on me. Some one has to be a whore here since Maine doesn’t like the stench of niggers. SO no niggers mean less stds so she lovew whoring it up knowing her pussy and asshole can get fucked with out fear of AIDS or EBOLA.

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