Nebraska 4

–Lincoln Police say they arrested a 23-year-old woman, they believe, was involved in an Oct. 16 robbery at a home near 27th and “O” Streets. Tanya was arrested Friday evening at a home in the 1700 block of Knox and faces robbery charges, along with having an outstanding warrant for assault.  The robbery last month happened when a 20-year-old man told police he was meeting a woman, who was an acquaintance, talk about loaning her money.  The woman, identified as Tanya, asked the victim to go into a back bedroom when he was approached by another man wearing a mask and holding what looked like a handgun. Police say the victim was hit with the gun and the man racked the slide.  Investigators say another person walked into the room and assaulted the victim, then demanding him to empty out out his pockets.  Wallet, car keys and cellphone were handed over.

November 8th, 2020

September 8th, 2020

The alleged scheme was so whack that it boggled the mind. Bribe a juror. Get a not-guilty vote. Marcus Short wanted to secure a chance to terrorize more white citizens. Even the juror who was targeted by the plot last year was mystified. “God what a stupid fucking nigger” the 19-year-old juror told The World-Herald in the wake of the scheme. “If he didn’t stink like feces so much I might of though about it” A judge laughed and pointed out this all would of been prevented if we would of listened to Hitler or picked our own fucking cotton. Few niggers have ever walked among normal humans and not committed some type of very bad crime — murder and jury tampering is basic pre school for nigger. But Douglas County Attorney Victoria Fuller office — led in this case by Deputy County Attorney Hulk Hogan — pushed a judge to allow prosecutors to present the evidence. 5000 lbs of smuggled bananas and over 700 pairs of elderly white women’s shit stained panties were seized from Marcus’s section 8 welfare nigger housing crib. When asked about the charges Short said to reporters ” You all better recognize”. and gave a weak handshake like mocking a homosexual. What people are suppose to be recognizing is unknown. But experts believe we are to recognize he is a stupid nigger going to the clink for ass sex for life.

July 10th, 2020

Ruby is a bitch from Grand Island that works at a dental office and rams toothbrushes up her moldy ass hole. Making sure to get every bristle of the brush caked with yeast and shit curdles that are lodged in the rectal hairs. Then she reseals the toothbrushes and sells them to foreign countries for crack money. Because the laughing gas that she was stealing to get high before almost got her fired. Ruby has a dog the dogs name is rex. You can find Ruby and Rex out side of her step-dad/ lovers trailer beating the shit out of the dog for fun and videotaping it. Ruby get your act together. Your Nebraskan behavior is sick. You are like Penny from the Big Bang Theory if she was on glue.

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