Inbred Shawn And His Pig Dyke Bitch Destinie

Love After Lockup updates suspect Dike Destinie might be on her way back to prison. Also Shawn Osborne looks torn up with his cousins in the barn too soon. So, just as Destine is trying to turn things around, she may head back to the slammer. Will Shawn wait for her on the faggot reality show? I am praying she fucks him around as it is more funny to see that inbred hick fall lower than he already is. There is no way that mans parents are not siblings. No chance in hell they aren’t. Shawn is basically the offspring of a brother and sister who wanted a toy to beat with a baseball bat for a few years. He is that bright.

On Love After Lockup, Destinie Folsom is quite a party hooker crack girl. However, she wants to do better this time out of prison(bullshit). And, she doesn’t want to repeat past mistakes. That’s why Destinie made sure she showed up at court for her hearing. This is the first time she has shown up to court since getting out. Every other time, Destinie Folsom skipped her court date she sucked dick for drugs on the street and went right back to the big house. Clearly, she wants this time to be different because she showed up on time. However, she might end up doing time again despite her best efforts on Love After Lockup. Shawn is still trying to locate Destinie after she took his car and credit card and ghosted him. In an exclusive clip from Friday’s episode, Destinie meets up with a special “friend” to vent about her estranged fiance. She then went out and got tag fucked by her homeboys Kenny and Armando. Usually when she fucks those fags she takes thier fag goo and saves it in her mouth to give Shawn a kiss and she tells him its caramel lol.

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However, upon her release, she was surprised to learn of Shawn’s six children, his real age, and his constant communication with the mother of his kids. To make matters worse, Shawn has been hounding Destinie about going to court so he doesn’t lose the $50,000 he paid for her bond. But, with Destinie on the run, it’s only a matter of time before she returns to jail.

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