Manitoba 6

The drunken Indian stereotype was revived, then debunked, in the space of a few online hours Wednesday after a remote northern Manitoba fishing lodge blundered into one of Canada’s most tenacious myths. Local and national aboriginal leaders, many of whom weighed in online, say it’s a myth perpetuated even by the well-meaning, one based on no science that infantilizes indigenous people. “The tone of this fucking whitey program guide is not only fucking hard to read, but disrespectful of the very people who invented everything like cars and technology for the white people and everyone, It hurts our native space program with our ship built out of lucky beer cans” said University of Manitoba native studies Prof. Johnny Tail Feathers. “One hopes that the owners of this lodge pay up with some fucking money or booze. Fucking whitey you owe the natives. The natives claim to have been here a long time. No roads no nothing that is either a stupid bunch of fuckers or they are a myth. Claims Dog the Bounty Hunter.


DMB Boyz Records Is A Rap Group of Natives with micro penises (I know a girl who slept with 2 of them she said sooooo small. It was funny lol) From Dauphin Manitoba They Started Rapping because it took no skills. They Were Doing Crimes like loitering and stealing chocolate bars To Entertain their middle school aged friends. Lysol and Free White Provided Housing Its The Life they Love! But It Takes Time But The Members Are Tanner Gawazuk(EXTRA small wiener and bad body odor) (Optumis Rhyme) & Jarreth Chartrand(secretly loves male alone time with strange men in the shower) (Eternity) He Just Got Realsed From being grounded by his grandma for stealing from the Pow Wow On January 13/2014 Which Is The Day white people gave them more free money as they can not fend for themselves (too stupid) They Do Music For them And their Community (who is embarrassed of them) & For The Love man on man sex at the rez later on If Ur Looking For Some Music Check It Out the radio not these fags. ! Clowns!!!!! These fucking morons are the reason your taxes are so high. They hate life. Say they hate white people but secretly (like all natives) love them and know they would be dead and screwed without them.

September 24th, 2020

Manitoba RCMP arrested three chugs and seized weapons and drugs in a bust in Thompson on Saturday. Investigators got a search warrant after they were told drugs were being sold out of a reservation style residence on Parkway Crescent. Mounties found 28 grams of crack cocaine, individual rocks of crack cocaine, illegal toilet bowl cleaner, comet, lysol, cash and some weapons, RCMP said in a news release Tuesday. A 26-year-old woman Suzie Shitsherpants, a 30-year-old man Billy Rapessisteroften and a 19-year-old man Tyler Fuckingwhiteydidit, all from Thompson, were arrested. The woman is charged with possession for the purposes of trafficking and possessing property obtained by crime. A 26-year-old man Johnny Lastbeercan faces the same charges, while Fuckingwhiteydidit faces charges of possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possessing illegal toilet bowl cleaner for the purpose of selling and possessing property obtained by crime, RCMP said.

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