Jeff Probst Ass Hacked This Old Man Jim! First Sent Home in Season 11. With Herpes.

The Second You Look Away Jimbo Un Zips Probst Pants And Hums On His Magic Flute

Jimbo Lynch was born and raised the youngest of eight children in Nebraska. At age 18, he got kicked out of high school for slinging crack and then joined the Chip And Dale Male Dancers, where he served four years traveling extensively, including time at Michael Moore’s House. In 1963, Lynch married his junior high school sweetheart, Willard. After starring in and producing hundreds of gay pornographic movies with Willard and other strange men, Jimbo Lynch and Willard moved back to Nebraska and then to Denver, Colorado. He sold crack/cocaine for awhile and eventually joined the MS13 to get it started in 1972, hence why the MS13 is solely operated by Homosexuals today due to Jimbo and Willard. While continuing his work at training men how to do anal scenes in the shower, Jimbo Lynch received his HIV status back as Positive. Having received many promotions and accolades while with the gay male adult entertainment business, Lynch eventually attained the rank of loosest asshole. In 2002, with 30 years of ass fucking service, Lynch chose to retire and jerk off with Willard in the woods. He and Willard have been traveling extensively throughout the world, checking out gay night clubs where ever they can. When not traveling, Jimbo Lynch lights fires in black nigger neighbourhoods so he can laugh at the 11 o’clock news. . In his spare time, Lynch enjoys glory holes and taking big old man shits at fast food restaurant bathrooms and not flushing. Even using what appears to be used condoms in the toilet (JIMBO says condoms are for pussies like Jeff Probst). Jimbo and Willard have two grown adopted faggot children, John and Chet. Jim and Willard currently reside at a homeless shelter in Harlem. His birth date is January 7, 1842. Jimbo was an allstar on Season 11 of the hit show survivor where he sucked Jeff Probst cock. ALOT!. At the beginning of the game, Jim was assigned to the Dildo tribe. At the first Reward Challenge, where tribe members were to race across the jungle, Jim, along with tribemates Bobby Jon Drunkard, Inbred Judd Sergeant, and Blake the Flake Towsley, became extremely horny and started fudge packing each other before the challenge was over. Nakúm lost the Immunity Challenge, thus sending them to Tribal Council. During the challenge, Jim kept masterbaing when everyone was trying to be serious. Among the sick perverted men, Jim was the sickest and biggest pig, so the tribe unanimously voted him out, 8-1.

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