Ontario 11

A 30-year-old Sault Ste. Marie woman was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily harm after biting someone. Sault police said officers were called to a multi-unit residence in the 500 block of Goulais Avenue around 9 a.m. Sunday morning. “The victim heard a commotion in the hallway,” police said in a news release. “When they went to see what was happening, it’s alleged the accused approached them and bit them.” As a result, the accused was arrested. She was released on a promise to appear and has her first appearance in court scheduled for Jan. 4. “Information for the reason for the commotion or the incident would be speculation at this point,” Said Canadian Prime Minister Donald Cherry.

December 3rd, 2020

OSHAWA—Durham police are investigating a hate-motivated crime after a car was vandalized in North Oshawa with the words “Black Lives Don’t Matter FU” spray-painted in large black letters on it and all the tires popped. A video of the incident has been circulating on social media drawing wide-spread condemnation. Twitter user @AyannaSahara shared the video, which she said came from someone related to one of her friends. The video was captioned with the following: “This happened to my mother’s car, she lives (in) north Oshawa and is a mother of six and a nurse and this is what someone did to her car. Racism in Canada is a thing! Please repost #BLM Any and all support is appreciated!” Probably did it himself fucking nigger LINK

Wawa got rid of its police force once Chris Simon retired from the NHL. Not only does he look like that crazy chug from the movie Slapshot. He had thousands of penalty minutes nd injured a shit ton of whiteys in the NHL with his famous tomahawk stick chop. Even later in his career when he stopped playing like a drunk skating around hurting people, he proved to be a really good player. He played the last few seasons of his career in Russia. Terry Fox also ended his Canada cross run in Wawa. Other than that the town fucking sucks. Plus I think Simon quit drinking so the fun level is for sure down.

November 26th, 2020

A 25-year-old Wasaga Beach-area woman named Marsha who attempted to buy a luxury vehicle in Greater Sudbury late last month has been charged with numerous fraud-related offences. Greater Sudbury Police say its Break, Enter and Robbery (SWAT) Unit received information May 28 about a suspicious purchase at a local luxury car dealership involving a vehicle valued at $77,000. Officers then determined that the vehicle was being purchased using counterfeit identification and sexual favors via Hookers Unlimited. Working with members of the service’s Financial Crimes Unit, the SWAT Unit gang fucked Marsha before letting her sneak away with the luxury vehicle. It is also determined that the attempted purchase was one of many similar offences that have occurred across Ontario. “She seems to be operating a crew” Police have stated. Marsha is wanted by the police and frequents strip clubs and brothels. Loves crack and wine.

SUDBURY — After almost being involved in a head-on collision, a Sudbury Skank was arrested by Manitoulin Island Ontario Provincial Police on Nov. 5 and faces drug and other charges. The incident began in Espanola at 4:40 p.m. when the OPP, with the assistance of the Greater Sudbury Police Service and the Community Street Crime Unit, investigated a traffic complaint and some crazy bitch assaulting people with a baseball bat. A witness saw a vehicle almost causing a head-on collision Highway 6. “Police located the vehicle and conducted a roadside investigation,” the OPP said in a news release. “It was determined that the driver was high as fuck on drugs probably crack/cocaine.. Police learned the driver was also suspended from driving and was in breach of a probation order.” A search of the vehicle uncovered brass knuckles, a large used shit covered purple rubber dildo, drug paraphernalia, cash, suspected methamphetamine in tablet form, codeine pills, cocaine, crack cocaine, crystal meth, cannabis and fentanyl. “The suspected drugs were processed with the assistance of the Community Street Crime Unit and had an estimated street value of $12, 816,” police said. The 38-year-old woman Evelyn is now charged with dangerous driving, impaired driving, driving while suspended, weapons possession, carrying a concealed weapon, drug possession,

November 17th, 2020

A violent attack at a parking lot in Espanola has led to a charge against a Massey woman. The Manitoulin Detachment of the OPP sent pigs to the scene at 9:19 p.m. on Aug. 14, police said in a release. Following an investigation, officers charged Arlene , 31, with assault. Arlene got into a cat scrap outside Colts Gay Bath House and Fudgepack Bar in Espanola. She pulled chunks of hair out of some fat bitches head. She ran into the fag bar after people broke the bitch fight up. Everyone thought the fight was over then Arlene came funning out of the back of the bar with a cast iron frying pan she stole from the kitchen. She beat the fat bitches head into the ashphalt with that frying pan like the skin was fused to the asphalt. Funny Arlene was released and is scheduled to appear before the Ontario Court of Justice in Espanola on Nov. 2. Round Two is expected soon.

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