Rebecca Likes Zied’s Arab Smelly Body Odor As It Smells Like Her Used Moldy Tampons

They’re back and on crack and smell like camel urine! 90 Day Fiancé fat hill billy inbred trailer park fans are in for a treat because Rebecca Parrott and Zied Osama Obama bin Laden Hakimi are returning for season 8. The couple was introduced on season 3 of the spinoff, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, where they documented their first in-person meeting after Zied jerked off to her online for several months.

At the time, Rebecca, 49, was working as a private investigator and separated from her third husband. She wasn’t new to international love — her third ex-husband was a stinky camel fucker from Morocco. They wed in his native country when she went to visit him for the first time and she brought him over to America on a spousal visa, but Rebecca claimed he started fucking younger women and beating her old ass to a bloody fucking pulp nightly once he came over to the US. So Rebecca called Dog The Nigger Hunter who knew the bitch from her Private Investigator days and he disposed of the problem for a small fee. Rebecca met Zied, 27, on after her split, but she was keeping a secret from her long-distance love: she was still filming hardcore gang bang pornographic films with men, women, and barnyard animals. She faked papers as a pass for an STD test before she departed on her trip to his native country of Tunisia.

The couple spent three weeks together where Rebecca was introduced to Zied’s friend Osama Bin Laden. They hit a few rough patches due to their political differences. Rebecca was heavily tattooed, smoked crack, and loved to have sex with random men in parks for money. But their cultural differences would eventually lead to several fights, one where Rebecca took a toothbrush and rammed it up Zied’s asshole. He liked it.

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