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November 7th, 2020

September 10th, 2020

Ross: Very Very Small Penis and Smells
of Cat Litter. Said his rape victim.

A city nigger has been charged with five counts of aggravated baboon rape after a woman alleged she was locked in the restroom of a downtown bar and attacked earlier this month by a savage ugly stinky nigger. Kyshawn Ross, 41, assaulted the woman sometime after 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 3, after she went into the ladies’ room at the Central Ale House to find a quiet place to make a telephone call, Manchester police wrote in an affidavit filed in Hillsborough County Superior Court. The victim, identified in court papers by her initials, spoke to Officer Tony Vlachos at Catholic Medical Center, where she went within hours to report the alleged attack. police arrested Ross as he walked out of a pharmacy buying preperation H on Old Granite Street in the early morning hours of Sept. 6. Following an arrest-related search, they also charged him with cocaine possession and possession of beastiality porn (he had nude pictures of Oprah covered in Nigger jizz). Ross, who is a stinky nigger and has been jailed since his arrest, was scheduled to appear at Hillsborough County Superior Court for an hearing Thursday.  Ross was tracked down as his victim said his 2 distinguished features is he has a very very small penis and he smells of cat litter. Like a box of cat litter where a bunch of cats laid lots of shit sticks in. That is the exact description Ross’s victim gave. Small penis and smells like cat litter. MORE

May 7th, 2020

No Condoms Allowed!
Do You Think Katelynn fears
The Bum Fungus?

This wh*** Katelynn knew full well that my husband had a wife and child at home and that we had been together for many years, took advantage of him while they were out with a friend, trying to score some crack, and even talked him into having sex at that friend’s house…..30 feet from my house. Barged into my house to have sex with him on Christmas Day while my son and I were away. Would send him nudes and provocative memes while he was sitting right next to me and our son. When I figured out what was happening I told him to end it, he did and we went about our life; ‘Katie’ and her friend Jean started harassing him to have a threesome in the snow at a childrens sleding hill, calling him hundreds of times a night, leaving voicemails, texting, etc. until he changed his number – we moved on and had our second child a few months later. She saw us in a grocery store, followed us through the store, waited for me to walk away and continued to try talking to him. Since then she has gone on to completely ruin someone else’s marriage and some other dudes nutsack with her pussy scabs and bum fungus.

This her be Dorothy and yes it is a woman. I know it is hard to tell with those manly features. There she has some plants she stole from some old lady’s garden who she also clubbed over the head while the bitch was in her walker and took her purse too. Dorothy likes to smoke meth and crack and she mostly steals shit to obtain it as the whole city of Concord knows her and hates her as she has ripped them all off. Last summer Dorothy got caught taking a shit on the steps of the state Capitol. She said “Black Lives Matter” And she laid a nigger egg fresh on the steps named it Jamal and demanded it get rights. Last I heard Jamal got a free ride to Harvard and a rap career and it is just a piece of poo but if Kanye and Tupac did it any piece of human waste feces can. Most human shit smells better than niggers and Dorothy knows that she just likes to press buttons. Fucking Bitch Whore. After her fucking fat lard ass whale mother took this photo. Her and Dorothy shoved those plants up their assholes and filmed it. #WINNING!!!!

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